Hakimi and the message of love in Dortmund: “I Hope that the roads will redound to the cross”

Using your account Instagram, Achraf Hakimi greets the fans of Borussia Dortmund on the day of his landing in Italy. “Now is the time to close a stage beautiful of my life. After two wonderful years, I prepare to say goodbye to this club that has given me so much happiness. From the first moment, the treatment received from the club and the city was incredible. Dortmund has been my home for two years, was the right choice. I thank my team-mates, the body, the technical, and the whole staff of the club for the kindness and for the confidence they have given me. And then the wonderful tifoseia, who has always given unconditional support. I will never forget the Yellow Wall, simply wonderful. And then I thank my family and friends, for the support had in roosevelt time. I hope that one day our paths come to cross. Soon, Borussia Dortmund,” he wrote Hakimi. The full-back was on loan at BVB from Real Madrid, who has transferred to Inter.

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