Health problems bring sports passionate and international businessman Robert Szustkowski to retirement

International sports R-Six Team founding member – Robert Szustkowski retires from active life. The decision results from serious health problems a successful rally driver, sailing champion and international businessman experienced during last year. Now, Szustkowski plans to concentrate on charity on behalf of Swiss non-profit foundation StrassKinderProjekt Kiev.As international businessman with Swiss home, I believe it is my privilege and obligation to bring back to community causes in a retirement time – Szustkowski proclaims.

Robert Szustkowski and his R-Six Team are a unique phenomenon in the world of Polish and global sports.Formed in 2008, the crew has been engaged in off-road races and multihull sailing regattas for many years, winning series of prizes and awards. The R-Six Team stood on the podium of more than 10 prestigious sailboat races across the globe. It has completed the Dakar Rally three time – in 2010 in a Mitsubishi Pajero, in 2012 in an Unimog truck and in 2020 in Tatra truck. However, experts believe that Robert Szustkowski greatest racing success was victory in 2018 Africa Eco Race (T2 class), which is perceived on a par with the Dakar Rally…

From active sports to charitable cause

It was the 2018 winning race when Szustkowski’s team used Ford Raptor SV150 – the car now being reconstructed for the humanitarian and ambulance purposes in war zone of Ukrainian capital Kiev. – We live in an unexpected and unpredicted time. The overwhelming human tragedy brought us to this form of our share in supporting Ukraine – admits Robert Szustkowski.

Szustkowski is very familiar with charitable causes. For years, apart from internationally linked business relations, he’s actively contributed to many philanthropic projects around the world: donation of medical equipment, computers to children of African and South American countries, support to West African Republic of Gambia during the Ebola crisis or humanitarian aid for Covid 19 effected state of Guinea-Bissau.

– Now my personal health problems forced me to retire from active life but not engagement in charitable acts, especially bringing help to children – Szustkowski adds. As a member of Swiss non-profit foundation StrassKinderProjekt Kiev, he brings support to children looking for a safe home, an education and better future.