Health: removal of brain tumor on patient awake – puglia

(ansa) – bari, 07 apr – drew and answered the questions of doctors during the surgery of removal of the tumor to the brain, carried out in local anesthesia (awake anesthesia) from the equipe directed by professor francesco Signorelli, director of the operating unit of neurosurgery of the polyclinic bari. The patients/”>patient, 38 years old, left the operating room without the tumor, without neurological deficit and was discharged after a week. However, even if located in the non-dominant hemisphere, it oversees orientation in space, visual perception and even design.

To monitor these functions and avoid subsequent disabling neurological deficits, the intervention was performed in awake anesthesia, with the patient awake, by the team of neurosurgeons, in collaboration with two anestheists and a neuropsychologist. With the loss of additional staff resources for intensive therapies and without the support of the entire regional system in the management of covid patients, we could no longer guarantee these results.”