High speed Milan-Bologna: ue, ‘more tube than spine’ – europa

Bruxelles – the high-speed rail line Milan-Bologna has transformed mobility, operating as “an accelerator of national connectivity.” But has also produced “limited improvements” in the interregional one making the work more “to a tube than a backbone” for the local transport system look like. The project of research image, carried out within the framework of the espon programme, specialized in investigations on regional policy ue.

The only negative effect observed is the “loss of connectivity of the intermediate cities, just limited from the new emilia station.” In other words, explain the researchers, the high-speed railway line Milan-Bologna has helped to strengthen the short and long distance routes between the main centers, weakening those at medium distance and intermediate centers. The corridor of the high speed produced therefore “a hierarchy of some cities at the expense of others”, working as a “tube” rather than a “backbone. ”

The success of the high speed, even in the commuter transport, – concludes beria – is the success of the two poles Milan-Bologna more than the high-speed corridor. ”