Highways: hoteliers and bathers, ‘attenti si blocks the recovery’ – liguria

The fear, after the weekend of queues, is to review a movie already seen and that the highway yards can brake tourists and the shelter. And throw the alarm even the bathers. “it was a very first opening weekend, with a 20% of the already operating establishments that welcomed the customers: the first mouth of iodine.

He has already created a disaster last year – he says Janluca faziola, president of the genoese hoteliers -. “They threw away these months of which they had to take advantage to free, from May, highways and roads. They assured us that from June 1 they will have a little pity on us.

We will see” adds americo pilati, president of Ligurian federalberghi that announces the reopening of most hotels on the last weekend of May even if “with few reservations”. The world of tourism fears the yards. “the drama was not there because the weather was negative and most bathing establishments were still in preparation, but if this is the business card.”

Maximum stalemate, of the genova sib on the weekend in the tail. And the same goes for the Swiss and French neighbors, as well as Germans, that piles count back in Liguria.