How to Watch the 2020 Olympics Live

Recognized by bleacherreports as the second most-watched sports event globally, the Olympics is a grand stage where competitors from different countries compete against one another in spirited but friendly rivalries. 

In 1894, the idea of the Olympics was born from the mind of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. It was first held in Athens, Greece. 13 countries participated in the competition, with 280 individuals competing across 43 events.

News on the Olympics

Today, the event boasts over 11000 participants from 206 countries, competing against each other in 339 events. At this year’s summer Olympics, there is to be an addition of 5 new sports competitions, namely: Surfing, Karate, sports climbing, skateboard, and Baseball (previously dropped by the IOC in 2005).

Following the resumption of other sporting activities like football, Tennis, and Basketball, the 2020 Olympics has been cleared to continue by the Olympics Committee in conjunction with health officials to monitor the event. 

The Olympics is scheduled to go as planned, with one or two changes in critical areas. The committee has laid down rules to accommodate safety precautions for COVID-19

  • The participants are to be tested before the daily events to ensure they are not infected.
  • Participants are disallowed from mixing with locals to prevent infecting or getting infected by them for the safety of others. 

International flights are banned, which ultimately means people are not allowed to watch their countrymen compete live.

How fans can stream the tournament online

This has made many sports fans unhappy because the effect of the presence and chants by fans could be crucial to the players’ success. The good news is that the event would be broadcast live on various sports platforms worldwide.

For those in regions where sports programs are not available in that region, using a VPN to encrypt and re-transmit your location as another should grant you immediate access, allowing you to watch your country participate.


The competition is to be hosted in Tokyo, Japan, from 23rd July to 8th August 2021, as opposed to 24th July to 9th August it was scheduled to be held in 2020. The postponement of the event was due to the coronavirus pandemic that struck worldwide in early 2020, resulting in a total lockdown in most nations of the world.