Hundred years birth paola salmon, pioneer architecture

With a book and a series of events, 100 years after the birth of salmon paola, pioneer of architecture and urbanism, exponent of the female movement for emancipation, died in 2003. Born on May 13, 1921, by an important Jewish family (the victorious father was president of the Anconian court), he underwent the fascist racial laws of 1938 that prevented her from graduating until the Second World War. For a long time, a councilwoman of administration of the Polytechnic University of the brands, a Republican militant, in the last years of his life, he met up with Judaism, who also spoke in an interview with steven spielberg.

The professional, civil and political commitment of the salmon paola will be commemorated by the study center for the territory and the city, from the artistic high school mannucci of ancona, and from the publishing house quodlibet, with numerous initiatives: the publication “civil architecture of paola salmon”, edited by lorenzo ceccarelli and monica prencipe, an exhibition in the new exhibition space “galleria mannucci” of the artistic high school,