Ibrahimovic and CR7, friends never. This is how it ended every time they met

Who says that the A Series offers no more duels between the big champions? Of course, maybe no longer as in the past, but in what other place in the world you can admire the intersection between Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic for three times within sixty days? Milan and Juventus will face off three times from today, 11th April, twice in the semifinals of the Italian Cup and one for the return in the championship, but eyes will be focused mainly on the two champions.

The two have never particularly loved, and with their characters it was hard to imagine the opposite, but there has always been great respect, even if the minutes are ever flown has always been the swede to lash out against CR7, and not the contrary (these are the most recent: “Ronaldo? For me, the real Ronaldo is only the brazilian” and “For him it is a challenge to go to Juventus? A team that has won the Serie A seven times in a row? Ca**e. Going to a club of this kind is not a challenge. If he was looking for a new challenge, he had to go to Juve when he was in Serie B, back in Serie A and make it back to the top”).

The head-to-head: the balance is in favour of CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic have not met on many occasions in these years and in the eleven battles that have seen them face-to-face the budget is favourable to the Portuguese, who won in five against. Ibrahimovic has only one victory against the Christian, that of the Clasico of 2009, decided by a goal, while in the other five occasions, the race ended in a tie. When you are found face-to-face with cristiano Ronaldo has scored 6 networks while Zlatan is stuck at 3.

Ibra vs CR7: the intersection more beautiful is Sweden-Portugal

The close encounter the most beautiful and compelling between the two is, certainly, the tie-breaker to decide whether to go to the world championship in Brazil in 2014 should be the national Portuguese or Swedish. The result of 1-0 in the second leg of Portugal and gave birth to a back glowing and full of twists with Ibrahimovic scoring twice and Christian, who decided the match with three goals beautiful. Selection of portugal to the World cup, Ibra at home.

All the head-to-head between Ibrahimovic and CR7

It is not yet certain that the two are both in the field this evening, but if so it would be the twelfth intersection between the two, and needless to hide it, there is great curiosity for this challenge in the challenge. These all the direct matches official between Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo:

3/11/2015: Real Madrid-PSG 1-0
21-10-2015: PSG-Real Madrid 0-0
19-11-2013: Sweden-Portugal 2-3 (3 goals C. Ronaldo, 2 from Ibrahimovic)
15-11-2013: Portugal-Sweden 1-0 (1 goal C. Ronaldo)
03-11-2010: Milan-Real Madrid 2-2
19-10-2010: Real Madrid-Milan 2-0 (1 goal C. Ronaldo)
29-11-2009: Barcelona-Real Madrid 1-0 (goal from Ibrahimovic)
11-03-2009: Manchester United-Inter 2-0 (1 goal C. Ronaldo)
24-02-2009: Inter-Manchester United 0-0
11-10-2008: Sweden-Portugal 0-0
28-04-2004: Portugal-Sweden 2-2