Impact report 2020: the future of enterprises is increasingly sustainable – ansa2030

The theme of sustainability has an increasing impact on the policy agenda and guidelines to be followed not only at the institutional level, but also to an increasing extent for enterprises. For this purpose, fundraiser, the largest interprofessional fund in Italy for the formation of managers, published in February the impact report 2020, that is the annual budget that certifies the benefits for the 14 thousand enterprises and the 80 thousand managers adherent. “Impact report 2020 allows you to have a comprehensive vision of the commitment and, above all, to measure the results obtained, in terms of benefits for all our stakeholders,” said Consistency pacts, general manager of funds.

From a first analysis of the behaviour of enterprises regarding the topic of sustainability, a need for growth of the managerial skills necessary for the management of the green transition has emerged. Among the various surveys conducted, the quick survey smart working 2.0 is of particular interest, focusing on the analysis of smart working during 2020. The survey was carried out through an online questionnaire and obtained 1,500 answers from entrepreneurs, managers, managers, managers, officials and employees.

54% of companies have been considered ready to continue the smart working process even after the health emergency and consider adopting a hybrid mode in the future, with a half-hour working week in the presence and half-distance. Finally, among the main positive impacts of smart working has emerged the increase of organizational well-being, the so-called “employe satisfaction”, motivated by a greater balance between private and working life, a greater flexibility of time and an increase in individual productivity. On the other hand, the absence of social relationships and the lack of group interactions emerges among the negative aspects, considered fundamental to identify creative solutions.

On all the participation of funds born at the 15th festival of the Economy of Trent, dedicated in 2020 to the theme “Environment and Growth”. Finally, the fourth section of the impact report is dedicated to the innovation of procedures, i.e. To the digitization of the presentation, sharing and management of the shared training plans.

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