In Parma, Theo Hernandez ‘save’ the Milan and Ladders: goals in the final and back to winning

Milan return to the victory. In Parma, the rossoneri created a lot, but due to poor vein the development of his attackers and parades of Sepe are not able to break through. We think, however, the veteran French Theo Hernandez in the final to give the second victory of the was Pegs with the meneghini that after three rounds back to success, and reappear in the top 10 of the rankings. Sour note Piatek that remains to fasting for the sixth race in a row, as never capitatogli first time in her career. Having said that let’s see what happened at the Tardini in a match valid for the 14th day of the Serie A, 2019/2020 between the Parma and Roberto D’aversa and the Milan of Stefano Pioli.

Milan front-wheel drive, Parma resists

Milan wants to return to the victory that was missing from the three races (from the’1-0 to bradford City of the 31st October last, so far the only success from the arrival of the Pegs on the bench) and started strong, going close to a goal advantage before a conclusion of Hakan Calhanoglu that there’s little to the side and then with the stroke of the head of Alessio Romagnoli with the ball that goes just over the crossbar of the door defended by Sepe. The Parma is struggling to propose a game with Gervinho and Dejan Kulusevski that are not able to get into the game, as it served very little from the companions and so is Milan to go close to the net that sbloccherebbe the match, but the first with the diagonal Franck Kessié, intercepted by the reactive keeper of the ducal, and then with the stroke of the head of a born-again Krzysztof Piątek, which grazes the post, fails to stir the 0-0 initial.

The half-hour of the game comes the first real chance created by the hosts with the draw of Hernani, served beautifully by Kulusevski, which is intercepted on the line by the recovery of Romagna after the ball had passed the attempt to exit Gigio Donnarumma. Past the shock of the Milan starts to push but is hit once again on a great Luigi Sepe is repeated on the violent cross-shot Calhanoglu while Piatek (dry of goals in the league from five races) sees his powerful shot from the edge of the penalty area blocked by the body of Bruno Alves at the end of a first half that ends goalless.

Piatek still dry, we think the ‘top scorer’ Theo Hernandez

At the start of the recovery has been the Parma, instead, to have the first great chance, but the shot of Gervinho and the big parade Donnarumma are swamped by the reporting of the net departure of the ivorian. From the other side of the field instead of the Milan relies on the quality on the ball to Calhanoglu, Bonaventura and Suso to keep in constant apprehension the ball yellow and blue with the Turkish, who engages in a duel with the opposition goalkeeper, which, however, is always careful about the repeated stress from the distance of the ball of the Rungs while he is lucky on the diagonal of the Spanish that goes just past the post for a matter of centimeters. Less involved instead Piatek that after 20 minutes of the second half left the field for the Portuguese Rafael Leao and for the first time in his career reaching six consecutive races without networks.

D’aversa, after having resisted for 70 minutes at a pressure into the box, then try to reverse the inertia of the match by sending on the pitch, the centre-forward Cornelius, at the place of the director Brugman with the former Kucka, deployed in the unprecedented role of fake nueve, flying on the median line. The push is on, however, are always guests who, after the repeated parades Sepe (on Calhanoglu and Suso the two most important), are the fundamental goals of advantage in forcing the final thanks to the network of the full-back Theo Hernandez (that reaches Piatek as the top scorer of the season of the team to share three centres) so that the ac Milan returning to success after three races, and likewise in the left part of the ranking.

Match reports and ratings

PARMA (4-3-3): Sepe 7; Darmian 5.5, Iacoponi 5.5, B. Alves 6.5, Gagliolo 6.5; Hernani 6, Brugman 5 (from the 70′ Cornelius 5), Barilla 5.5 (from 64′ Fat 5.5); Kulusevski 5.5, Kucka 6, Gervinho 5.5. All.: D’aversa 5.5.

Ac MILAN (4-3-3): Donnarumma 6; Accounts 6.5, Musacchio 6.5, Romagnoli 6.5, Theo Hernandez 7; Kessié 6 (from 71′ Krunic 6), Bennacer 6.5, Bonaventure 6; Suso 6, Piatek 5 (from 64′ Leao 6.5), Calhanoglu 6.5. All.: Pegs 6.5.