Injury Pavoletti, a relapse in the knee already operated: injury to ligament injury

Nightmare injury for Leonardo Pavoletti. The striker of Cagliari has been the victim of a relapse in his left knee injured last summer on the occasion of the league match against Brescia. In that circumstance, Pavoletti had cured lesion of the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus of the left knee. Back in training for a few weeks, the striker of livorno was the victim of a relapse, as stated by Cagliari.

The Company Cagliari Calcio announced that as a result of clinical tests and instrumental made on today’s date at the medical center of Korian, the player Leonardo Pavoletti has reported an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee previously subjected to surgery for a similar injury.

Injury Pavoletti: injury to ligament injury

From a few weeks Pavoletti had started a program of individual exercises aimed to find the best condition. His goal, as stated about a month ago, during the ‘Pitti Man’, was back in the field by the end of march to give a hand to the team in the final of the season.

“It’s a great season and is a great Cagliari, I am sorry not to be still to be a part of. In march I will be back and I’m sure we can have fun together”.

Pavoletti, after the accident remedied, against Brescia, was operated on his left knee to reconstruct the ligament injury damaged. The intervention, as well as the first stage of rehabilitation was carried out in Austria, at the clinic Hochrum of Innsbruck. As happened in several other cases, unprecedented in recent times – from Owned to Ghoulam, through Florenzi – the striker was the victim of an unfortunate relapse in a few weeks from the return.