Inter, Conte has in mind the second place. Two reasons to beat Atalanta

“We’re the best defense and the second best attack. It will be a challenge in the challenge, where we hope to prevail”. The proud Antonio Conte puts the dots on the. So that’s dismissive and all too phlegmatic. If the words and the behavioural traits they say one thing, the head and the heart thinking of others. Among these there are certainly those that relate to a certain desire to close to the shoulders of Juventus and, more importantly, to win in the house of an Atalanta rightly defined as extraordinary, and as well, by many, the real anti-Juve of the future. A challenge in the challenge, in fact. Getafe can wait. Antonio does not intend to fail the aim of the season which is to send a strong signal to the rulers of Italy. As if to say: this year went well, next year we will do the impossible to oust juventus from the throne. Not so simple and obvious, but to cross the finish line after the army of Maurizio Sarri should not be only a detail. Tonight, for the derby the nerazzurri, the match will see the weapons fire more powerful, opposed to the higher wall and the granite of the championship that, usually, guarantees the title. Do not go on this way, but the back and the companions have the task of transferring a clear message. For all of you. The contingency may not occur twice.