Inter, from the hours of Hakimi to the priorities of the market: the famous names

The hours of the Hakimi, the hours of a shot that helps to bring back the Inter on the panorama of the top clubs in the continent, at least with regard to the ambitions that the milanese will be entitled to feed in the next season regardless of the outcome of this championship. The Ultimate details of residues separating Real Madrid and Inter for the ratification of the agreement, it is the time of first contact with the reality of milan for the next right outside of Antonio Conte, a hit and run, that will be the prelude to a five-year lived by the protagonist. A piece of capital importance, that not only represents the first step for the construction of the team in the future. The priorities are those of a shot of a similar thickness on the opposite lane, perhaps combined with a central skillful with the left-hander that can be alternated to match the winner of the Parma Sticks. A unique name would both possibilities in a single figure, and this is what David Alaba: it is difficult for the engagement of and relationship with Bayern Munich that the bavarian will do anything not to end. We are at the levels of traces, without forgetting the possible alternatives that home-Inter has never stopped probing. For the median, the speech Tone is of course always more than valid, perhaps in times less long than expected given the scope of the investment Hakimi, as well as the ball and the nerazzurri remain vigilant on that Kumbulla for which the Hellas Verona are not in a hurry to ratify the agreements, however, coming down reluctantly from the valuation of 30 million euros. And then the chapter Lautaro: with a clause that comes into force between a few hours and a Barcelona that seems to be much less convinced to have the opportunity to bring the argentine on the Ramblas. The season is in full, but the market is definitely overwhelming.