Inter, the Baggies want to do 30 to reach the top right corner. It would be the 16th on away goals in the

Romelu Baggies has already scored 15 away goals in this league, which has equaled the record set in mesh with inter by Istvan Nyers in 1949/50. One less Ciro Immobile, as reported by today’s Tuttosport. The striker of Lazio will look to score a goal to resume Higuain at the altitude of 36, a record in a single season, but playing in Naples, might extend also in the special ranking of the markings outside the home. 16 there are Mauro Icardi (2017/18) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2011/12). “The baggies” do not score (the ideal would be two goals, it’s not that easy, however, with Atalanta…) and “gufare”. Then, to update the record books – at the level of the seasonal – we will be Europe superbowl field”, writes the newspaper.

The baggies finally 29 networks in total in all competitions. Difficult to get to the 37 of Eto’o in a season, record minutes, of the last 40 years, but there is also the Europa League.