Inter’s Treble – The deal Cambiasso: community, parameter zero and four years

PC Football was one of the best players from Argentina with a passport by the community. Then Esteban Cambiasso has joined Real Madrid B, through two loans, first at the Independent and then at River Plate, to return precisely to the Real of the Galacticos. Becomes the owner for the final of the European Super cup and the Intercontinental Cup, scoring a total of 24 appearances and winning the championship with Vicente del Bosque as a coach. The next season was to be that of the qualitative leap, but the tokens only 17 and the contract is due to expire.

The PASSPORT COMMUNITY – in Short, the passage from Del Bosque to Queiroz is not too simple, the passport community – grandparents, the ligurian – help the negotiations with Inter. Parameter is zero, the four-year almost unnoticed, because it’s not enough to be Real Madrid to apply for credit unlimited no one, journalists included. Instead, the first months, make them understand that the argentine becomes the lighthouse of the game of Mancini, the breakwater in front of the rearguard. But it will be three years for the first title won on the field – after the one on the coffee table in the 2006 – up to the magical night of the 2010.

EL CUCHU – The nickname came from a character in the television argentina, very popular when he was a little boy, in the mid-eighties. Not only Europe, because in his palmares there was the victory of the Clausura with River in 2002. Bet she cut her hair to zero, at the time of landing in Milan it was different, at the behest of his wife.