#iorestoacasa – The advice of TMW: films or documentaries about football to watch

Luca Bargellini – “Shaolin Soccer”
At the beginning of the years 2000 a joint production with the U.S.-Hong Kong has marketed this film in dedication to football and martial arts. The Italian version has voice acting which may be revised, but for those who loved in his childhood, the “catapult infernal” of the twins, Derrick, or the “shooting of the tiger” by Mark Lenders, the protagonists of Holly & Benji, this film is a worthy heir and a film not to be missed. Even just to get some laughs in the style of trash.

Simone Bernabei – “The coach in the ball”
And those who do not know… Oronzo Caná. The Bi Area. The phantasmagoric negotiations at the sound of a trade unlikely, small hawks and Mengoni, the trip to Brazil and Saying (with his wife, Florentia Garcia y Falcao of the Crowned Madonna, brasilian girl and not of Foggia…) and Giginho the discovery of the new crack football carioca. The Lombard employee from Aristoteles and its saudade, Niels Ledholm, De Sisti, Pruzzo and Ciccio Graziani. Well, it is really useless to add another.

Thomas Bonan – “Gascoigne”
A life that not even the best screenwriter could have imagined. “Gascoigne” is a documentary film on the life of one of the most controversial and fascinating characters in the history of English football, and not only. Released in 2015, the film – to see it all in one breath – says Paul Gascoigne baby, the stars of Newcastle, the magic of Italia ’90 and the first delusions alcohol. And then the adventure of lazio, the rebirth with the Rangers before the end, addiction and obsessions. All topped off by the voices of stars such as Mourinho, Lineker and Rooney, celebrate the genius and fragility. A cross-section of a football and a football player that no longer exist. A must-see.

Ivan Cardia – “Zidane, a portrait of the twenty-first century”
Are sincere, my first choice was the Sunderland ‘Til I Die, which you can find below, and in any case I recommend. From a documentary masterpiece, because he was born a little’ for the event (Netflix wanted to tell a season of triumph, not a failure, and there’s the beauty of it) to one that is wanted in the smallest details. Zidane is the player aesthetically the most satisfying I’ve ever seen: 17 cameras follow him, and only him, in a match of la Liga. There is the kicker, and there is man, there are sweat and some of the touches that only he could give. Presented out of competition at the Cannes film festival of 2006.

Marco Conterio – “Sunderland ‘Til I Die”
Football as you’ve never seen. Because there is the tragedy of a working town that is sinking with his heart, he and his team. There is everything in this documentary. The football, the humanity, ile fights, life outside the ball, the cheering, the passion. A masterpiece.

Raimondo De Magistris – ”Baggio, zen and the art of goals”
Roberto Baggio told through his memories. Alex Zanardi, who embroiders the career of the divine pony-tail. The uniqueness of a character that with the end of his career he is forced to oblivion, and that, consequently, makes this documentary witness even more interesting. A story between the most beautiful of the ‘Challenges’, a transmission, which has transformed the story of sport in TV.

Lorenzo Di Benedetto – “Diego Maradona”
In the field probably, if not definitely, the best of all time, but out of his life has been marked by excesses and lawlessness. Diego Armando Maradona told with images never views that make us see from close up how hard it was to manage fans and supporters. Why be D10S is not easy for anyone.

James Iacobellis – “my friend Eric”
Ken Loach and Eric Cantona, of this tandem attack should be enough to give a chance to this film in 2009 (if you have not already seen it), or to convince you to see him again and again. Dramatic, sincere, funny, and realistic, an injection of positivity. And many beautiful memories were of the number 7 of “The King”…

Pietro Lazzerini – “Hooligans (Green Street)”
This film cannot, of course, represent the full culture of the hooligans of the English, also because it tells the story of the modern era and the contemporary and not the one where the phenomenon is linked to the English football fans is literally exploded in all its violence. A way to pass a little less than two hours reflecting on the model of football to the English and what that can mean, in England, to live in the derby between West Ham and Milwall.

Andrea this context one – “The damned United”
Even here the book has a strong influence on the film. The novel by David Peace is a sort of a biography about the 44 days of Brian Clough to succeed Don Revie in the Damned United, the Leeds. As Lippi in his move from Juventus to Inter, the past of Clough – the Derby County – and his words of criticism of his predecessor, made him dig a grave, because he never managed to find respect on the part of the captain Billy Bremner or Johnny Giles and Peter Lorimer. There is no after Leeds: will go to Nottingham Forest, in second division, and then win a british championship and two Cups Samples.

Simone Lorini – “The damned United”
The movie that I reviewed a dozen times: in addition to talking about facts that really happened, is able to snatch more than a smile to his narrative, accurate and at the same time bizarre. P. s. The United of the title is not the Manchester.

Claudia Brown – “champion”
A cue to reflect on what can be harmful and counterproductive to the reputation, if it is poorly managed. A film that makes it also because the human side of the players, too often forgotten in favour of a vision that wants them only as machines of money. A series of inanimate robots who are not entitled to another. The film tells the story of Christian the Iron, a talent of Rome, the imaginative in the field but mostly outside the green rectangle, where it leads a life of excesses. Until he discovers a kind of normality. Long-lasting or not?

Lorenzo Marucci – “Fever 90”
It is the film based on the novel by Nick Hornby. It is an epitome of emotions that a football fan of any team will know how to revive it. The unconditional love of the hero for Arsenal counts as that of any fan for their team. The final, rousing, is all to taste.

Thomas, Male – “my friend Eric”
We have only the presence of his majesty of Eric Cantona to advise you to see it. And then all the world of the Loach: the working-class English bad and dirty, but capable of great humanity, always hovering between the dramas of family, and the world around you crumbles and takes away the certainties that seem to be acquired. Where there is no black-and-white, right and wrong, good and bad, but everything is blended in various shades of gray as it is in real life. With a Cantona, philosopher and teacher of life.

Gaetano Mocciaro – “The damned United”
The title you unprepared; Think of Manchester, you will find the Leeds. And the closing short of Brian Clough, 44 days. Do not celebrate the achievements of a technician capable of taking Nottingham Forest from the English second division to the Champions Cup, but his biggest failure to the help of the best team of England. Portrait of a character is irreverent, rough, and borderline.

Michele Pavese – “Cruyff, the Prophet of the Goal”
A great master of Italian journalism, Sandro Ciotti, recounts the years of maximum splendor of the star players of the Dutch as if it were a novel. The epic challenges, the opponents, the victories and the defeats of the legendary number 14 with alternate words of the same protagonist, voiced by the unmistakable voice of Ferruccio Amendola. The result is truly surprising: a picture that involves and evaluates the authenticity and the greatness of a champion.

Daniel Uccellieri – “The Dream Team (Les Seigneurs)”
A small pearl of 2012. A kind of Full Monty in the sauce of the French, but with the football in the place of the striptease. A former star of the national football team, French, closed his career, falls in the tunnel of alcoholism. Obliged to find a stable job, starts to coach a football team by the amateur. This is the premise, the rest we leave to you: I can only say that in the film there is everything, from the characters full of cliché, the “spoon”, passing through… the Olympique Marseille.