#iorestoacasa – The advice of TMW: the video on YouTube to watch

Luca Bargellini – “Didier Drogba’s 11 best Champions League Goals”
For those who believe that the striker should make goals and not “helping the team” Didier Drogba has represented for nearly twenty years, the prototype of the bomber perfect. Crucial role in every opportunity he has led Chelsea to the victory of the Champions League. In this video the 11 best goals of the ivorian international. How would Massimo Marianella: “Incredibly, wonderfully… Didier Drogba”.

Simone Bernabei – ”Elio e le Storie Tese – Nessuno allo Stadio”
“Football is a great rite, you need to rispettar…”. Thus began what, for the writer is a synthesis of perfect philosophy in song of the ELST. Irreverent, sharply ironic, certainly not trivial, definitely trash. But if you think about it, besides that tear a smile (impossible that it happens), the text is also tremendously current, albeit full of sketches and localized in the far-off World of USA ’94: “No one in the stands, no one on the bench, no dribbles, no slow motion… no one at the stadium, no scalper, no tread, no one fumogèna, no one hooligana, none, none”…

Thomas Bonan – “Leicester City 2016 – The business (im)possible”
A well-made video, complete with the story of one of the most beautiful tales of football and sport in general. To revisit a dream that reminds us – among other things – that nothing is impossible. A useful thing, especially in this period.

Ivan Cardia – ”Antonio Cassano”
In reality, you could also stop at the first goal in the Serie A (here). Probably, however, there is more poetry in those few seconds than in all the rest of YouTube. Return to us: classical music is the perfect background music for Cassano, the talented, beautiful, and disarming of Italian football, and not only, among those born in the last 40 years. Eye to melancholy: you could have that would have been able to be. And it was, but that’s okay.

Marco Conterio – ”Steven Gerrard Best Goals”
Let lose the background music, that not only the purists but also the lovers of decency hardly like. However, see the best goals of Steven Gerrard reconciles with the football. Not everything can be a double step, a spin move, a masterpiece of style on the strait. The brute force of the Captain of Liverpool, years chasing a dream home without ever succeeding.

Raimondo De Magistris – ”Minas interview Maradona”
We have all seen the exploits on the field of Maradona. We’ve all seen the pictures of Maradona that at USA ’94, at the end of the match against Nigeria will be withdrawn from the field for a doping test that will put the word end on in his career because positive for Ephedrine.
But maybe not all have seen the interview by Gianni Minà in which Maradona will announce his farewell to football, in which it makes sense the betrayal of the FIFA to have it criticized. That cry is the beginning of the end, final. And the interview is a true masterpiece of journalism.

Lorenzo Di Benedetto – “Leicester City 2016 – The business (im)possible”
The victory in the Championship and the return of the Premier after 10 years, the salvation were left in the first season, the change on the bench, with the arrival of Claudio Ranieri, and the tale of the fables, written in 2016. In a word: Leicester. A ride that has thrilled the whole world of football, up to the greatest joy of all: the title.

James Iacobellis – “Maradona balla Life is Life”
April 19, 1989, semi-final second leg of UEFA Cup between fc Bayern Munich and Napoli. What better video to start the day, for the umpteenth time without being able to get out of the house, with a smile and good humor? Maybe just with the light-heartedness and harmony of Diego. A video to see and, above all, listen then to the whole volume, in the expectation of experiencing a better tomorrow.

Pietro Lazzerini – ”The real football factory”
From film to reality, usually the step is not as short as it is, instead, to Danny Dyer was. The actor from the movie “The Football Factory”, a film that tells about the world of cheering violent, you fell so in part by shooting this documentary serials that travels the world in search of the supporters of the most dangerous. Football seen from its violent side, hours of entertainment are many and insured.

Andrea this context one – “900 years of hate – Derby days Lombardy”
In this documentary edited by Copa90 speaks of the diversity of the two provinces most affected currently by the Coronavirus, that is, Bergamo and Brescia. Explains how to live the passion of two teams that have come back to compete after more than a decade, although currently the balance is clearly in favour of the atalantini, arrived in the week to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Two people who speak in a similar way, and distant at the same time, light years from the sequin of Milan, though at the distance of 50-60 kilometres.

Simone Lorini – ”Challenges on the World cup 1982”
Simply one of the most important moments not only of football, but the Italian sports. “Challenges” tells it best with his documentaries on the sport.

Claudia Brown -“World Cup 2006-One Love”
You can find it with this title the report of that World, Germany 2006, targato Rai. The poignant song, the poignant gaze of Fabio Grosso in the final against France. The eyes of those who knew that he would, as we do, that we will emerge from this ugly moment. Who has awakened, just as the National football succeeds, the spirit of union and of “made in italy”. But we are Italian, we need to start rowing in the same direction, we should ricordacelo more often. Not only with the calcium and/or misfortunes. And then, we leave, “abbracciamoci strong”, when it will be possible, and “vogliamoci so well”.

Lorenzo Marucci – ”The best goals in the history of football”
From Van Basten, Cristiano Ronaldo: five minutes with ten small masterpieces. A ranking, which as always can be debated, and debatable, but that still gives us genuine pearls, not always admiring.

Thomas, Male – “And we will say”
Because football without an audience, without fans, without ultras would not be the same, would lose an integral part of the show as well as his soul, and popular. This documentary, dated a dozen years ago, analyzes from the inside, the movement of the Ultras by making the characters speak in the first person. A glimpse of the real through the voices, experiences and memories, from the very beginnings at the turn of the ’60s and ’70s up to (almost) today. A cross-section from north to south, of a reality which is so reviled as little understood by most of the media. For those who don’t want to stop at appearances and to the media representation, but it is curious to know who really are the ultras.

Gaetano Mocciaro – ”The Milan of Sacchi”
Recommended to young people: the advent of the Milan of Arrigo Sacchi has done from the watershed to the node, the interpretation of the Italian football. Since then he has not been the same. Extraordinary interpreters, and the concept of the game, then, not conceived in our way of understanding the game.

Michele Pavese – ”Federico Buffa racconta Arpad Weisz”
The choice, also in this case, is really difficult. But we give space to the stories, indeed, a Story admirably told by Federico Buffa. This is the novel of the life of Arpad Weisz, one of the coaches the most successful Italian football in the first world war, which had lost roughly tracks for over 50 years. We thought Matthew Marani, with a monumental work of research, to resuscitarlo and to shed light on one of the many black pages related to the shame of nazi-fascist. “From the scudetto to Auschwitz”, is the title of the book that inspired the story of Funny: first the triumphs, on the benches of the Ambrosiana Inter and Bologna that rocked the world, then the deportation – with the whole family in concentration camps, October 2, 1942. Elena, Roberto and Clara were immediately destined for the gas chamber, Arpad died on January 31, 1944. It is difficult to be insensitive, and impossible not to be carried away.

Daniel Uccellieri – ”Never say goal”
For those who grew up in the 90’s, the Gialappa’s Band has been a point of reference. And then, also to snatch a few smiles, my advice is to review anything related to Never Say Goal. From the “Go with the smooth”, at the conference, Trapattoni, from interviews of Alberto Tomba to the show’s immortal Maurizio Moscow.