#iorestoacasa – The stories of the goodnight: Unzaga, the chilean society, which has overturned the world

The chronicles of the chilean people say that the afternoon of 1914, at El Morro de Talcahuano, when Ramon Unzaga from Bilbao to rejoin the flight, it was a very hot day. In the stands, however, the sweat of the brows he decided to stop, the moment the ethereal became eternal. The chile was born there, to a beating of wings that Eduardo Galeano called “how to take off from the floor in a leap, like a bird, and made a contortion with his chest offered up to heaven.” Was born upside down, that day in which Unzaga from Bilbao marked, in El Morro de Talcahuano in Chile. “Her legs trembled as the scissors, the blow that has given the ball caused the amazement of his team mates, his rivals and by the public. Those seconds had the brightness of the things done for the first time”.

The gesture of the chalacos Ramon Unzaga Never from Bilbao was the sublimatore of the chalaca, or the virtuosity that one chalacos, a native peruvian, he put in place against the sailors of the Old Continent in a game against the natives. Unzaga, born in the Basque country, Bilbao, sail with the family at the turn of two centuries. In the south of Chile, yet when War was a distant mirage, begins first to study and then work in the accounts of the great mine. Inside Unzaga, however, it flowed in the veins of the player and the chronicles of the chilean will tell you that in 1912 he begins to play with the Escuela Chorera. It takes the citizenship and says goodbye to the basque roots, becomes the star of the Chile in the uruguayan Bertone.

Famous in the World In 1914, the Morro, near the port of Talcahuano, the first chilean. To international prominence, however, passes through a replication in the 1920’s, when he took part in the Campeonato Sudamericano de Football, the second edition of the Copa America. The print of argentina celebrates the captain of the Chile, the inventor and the pioneer of a gesture again. The dream of every child, the world upside down, the sun in your eyes and the ball in right, in left-handed, in a coordination animalistic, in an instinct feline.

From Unzaga to CR7 Of backslashes is full of history. Cristiano Ronaldo has tipped Juventus in the Champions League. Wayne Rooney is the derby of Manchester. Pele, Marco Van Basten, Gianluca Vialli. And Mauricio Pinilla. Because maybe there is an interconnection of blood, of earth, of Chile, which binds Gonzaga, the former striker of Cagliari and Atalanta, the man who in modern times more than any other, has changed the gravity to the right hemisphere football.

Who died at twenty-nine years Unzaga died young, at age twenty-nine, struck by a heart attack. It was a world away, different. A hundred years ago, the football changed the perspective. The reversed a basque with a cargo ship put down roots in Chile. Took the best from the natives and made it known to the world, Estrella forever. A pioneer of the Chilean.