#iorestoacasa – TMW recommends: “Brilliant Orange: The neurotic genius of Dutch football”

There are many books that, in the course of the years, have told of the magnificent cultural revolution , which was brought from Holland (and from the Ajax of Rinus Michels and Johan Cruijff. There is one, however, that better explains all the connection that there was between the football and the Dutch society in those years. Brilliant Orange – The neurotic genius of Dutch football tells how the Netherlands underwent a transformation net: a Country of moderate and conservative becomes libertarian and daring. And those 11 guys mesh Oranje were the ambassadors of that wave of freshness.

David Winner reconstructs the golden age of the Tulips starting from an analysis of the historical context: “The revolt of youth. What a pussy: it was a request of personal freedom, put together with a new emphasis on sensuality, on the expression of the individual, on the game, on the breaking of old forms of power. The Total Football came to represent for the Netherlands, what the Beatles were to Britain”. It is a book that speaks not only of football, but open to art, to the ideals of beauty, democracy and hospitality. Of course, the central figure is that of the Prophet as a Player, but there is space for the protagonists of a past even more distant and the present. A rate really not to be missed.