#iorestoacasa – TMW recommends: Jimmy Grimble. An act of love to the City for the whole family

The love of football and, especially, Manchester City (not yet the one of the sheikhs, but the one that sailed between the first two series of the English), bullying and lack of confidence in themselves, a player unknown like Robby Brewer, and the power of suggestion. All mixed in a movie good for the whole family filmed in the suburbs of Manchester, that the leaden typical of the industrial cities of the north of England. We speak of “Jimmy Grimble” by John Hay.

The story of a 15 year-old boy harassed at school by bullies, some of which his team-mates, and incapable of expressing on the field their talent because of a lack of confidence and a certain anxiety on performance, the life of which carried out thanks to a pair of old boots that an elderly lady, the mother of this mysterious, Brewer, gave him after helping him to escape from yet another aggression of the bullies. From that moment on, the story of Jimmy, and his performance on the field, they change radically with the boy who becomes the star of his own team. The final is an act of love towards the Manchester City for which a waiver of the then-strongest and listed on the United:

Scouts United:”We would you like to play for Manchester United?”
Jimmy: “it Is good of you, but I just got a better offer!”
Scout of United: “What can be better than United?”
Jimmy: “Manchester City!”.