Is the millimeter outage right still out? How can change the rule

Question of centimeters, which can make the difference between a valid goal and one to cancel, between a victory and a defeat. This is the outgame, and since the Var has been introduced the “cross air” technology that allows to trace the three-dimensional projection of the players in the field, its application is increasingly ruthless, however right and unbearable. Perisic in Inter-Parma was luckier than him, but the frequency of these cases made the debate about the purpose of the rule come back in fashion, and the concept of “light” between the bodies.

This to bring the rule back to its original meaning, established in 1863, which punished those who had an effective advantage over the opponent because of his position, closer to the door. As in rugby, very popular sports – not by chance – among English colleges, where the “football” was invented and played. To ban the “lazy players”, players who for laziness stazionavano in the opposing area waiting for a ball to be put on the net.

The advantage of position could not be tolerated, so it was decided to punish him. First changes to the rule: the concept of “defendant”Although basic and widely shared, the outage is the rule that has undergone multiple changes of all. The first change to the rule occurred in 1866, three years after its establishment.

The norm therefore passed from tones of total bias for anyone passing the ball forward to a better placed companion, to a more conciliating version for the game in depth. in photo: One of the many goals canceled for outage in Alvaro MorataThe “two-sided” and experimental friendlyAnother historical revolution was in 1925. To determine what was the most effective, an experimental friendly match between a amateur team and one of highbury professionals was played.

In the first half, the idea of the Scots was found. During the interval the camp workers canceled the median line, split the field into three parts and proceeded with the English proposal. On 13 June, meeting in an elegant palace at Rue de Londres in Paris, the International Board established that the most convincing rule was the first.

The rule as it is todayThis was how the two-wayer was born, as we know it today. The rule found stability, resisting for 65 years without modification, until 1990. That year, in fact, it was established that an attacker “on line” with the penultimate defender was no longer considered out of play.

Out of the game: changes in view for the future? Advantage that, for the most skeptical, there is only if an attacker is considerably ahead of his opponent. Also the president of the Uefa Aleksander Čeferin has returned to ask for greater tolerance on the millimeters.

Famous his line “Now if you have a big nose, you’re always out of play.” Let it be clear: to establish that the attacker and defender bodies do not overlap, it would still be used by the Var and the millimeters.