Juve: Arthur, the gain Up and the “mystery” of fairplay. Inter: today Hakimi, tomorrow Lautaro (and on Kumbulla and the Church…). Milan: the right name to start afresh. Var: the eye of the paradox

Hello. Happened some things. Juventus and Barcelona have perfected the exchange Arthur-Up. Both clubs have made a big gain (40 million strong, the second highest of the was Lambs). It’s a great deal, especially to put in place the financial statements. Then there is the field, of course. To read here and there in the fans of Barcelona do not seem to be too happy, even many of the bianconeri. Behold, there are all the ingredients because it will also translate into a good operation, “the technique”.
A lot of people say: “Yes, however the fairplay financial is a joke”. It is not true, is worse, is a huge car-plug for your ass put in place by the football system. Mind you, the scandal is not the mega-gain Arthur-Up: are things that make all the clubs for a few years now. The scandal, if anything, is at the top of the mountain: the government of the football pretends to impose strict rules (“the budgets in place to save the ball! Woe to you!”), in reality bypassed with operations by the third grade. Sooner or later we will know, maybe the first that jumps around in the air.
Inter have won and not convinced against Parma. Oh, it happens. The directions of the field are not good, but it is also true that there are those who can’t wait to break the bales to the Count (“he earns so much! Makes it a little!”). It is true, the team is in trouble, but that is not all around Europe and to play all like the Barcelona of Guardiola (Fulham aside).
And then Eriksen, there is someone who has already branded as if it was a stupid and any one that in six seasons of Premier was 1st for assists, 1st in the occasions created, the 1st goal from outside the area, 1° for goal, the 7th for goals+assists. Perhaps it is the case to avoid judgments premature, no? Ah, in the meantime, the nerazzurri have put together 61 points, the best performance after the first 28 races from the 2008/09 season: counts for nothing, for charity, but perhaps it is also true that not everything so bad.
Then, at the end, the people of the results on the field is of little interest, people are interested in “who comes? Who do we buy?”. Well, the Inter has taken a nice bull, Hakimi. This young man seems to be quite strong, today will be in Milan for the visits and will come back later to take possession of the right lane. Curious the fact that in the era of the “market” and of the hundreds of players nominated at all hours, no-one knew of an operation drafted months ago by Aid. The truth is that we are (almost all) of the real minchioni.
Ah, Kumbulla: Inter still concerns, but at the moment is not a priority. The nerazzurri will be back to get ahead is not before September, if ever the guy you will not be already married off elsewhere.
Ah, the Church: from home-Inter reaffirm the deal with Fiorentina is impossible.
Ah, Lautaro: the guy the other day he played so-so. “Think of Barcelona!”, they say the most. It will be, but the Barcelona the grain mica has to offer. Others say: “In Spain wants to expire the clause from 111 million to pull the price”. We reiterate: the clause is an opportunity for those who buy from 8th of July Inter will not ask for a million less, if anything, a million more.
Milan. No, on the contrary, Pegs. The technical side she’s always having to deal with situations complicated and in one way or another comes out with brilliance. The paint always like that “bravino to normalize, but…”. However, one stone. If Milan does not want to commit the same mistake he did with Gattuso, if you want to start to build something concrete, go ahead with the technician who, above all, a great value and always manages to ensure that all paddle on the same side. It is not just.
Two bales on the var, but really two. Even in the last round of the championship there were several lodges. All the times there is a quarrel about this and that case and the expert of the turn if it comes up with the phrase that counts as the “topoli all” of the hide-and-seek: “Eh, here, the var can not intervene!”: Here, lay down here in the var can not intervene” is tantamount to saying “here, the firemen have no right to put out the fire”. You will agree, ultimately, that this sentence resonates like a gigantic gross. Greetings.