Juve, invitation to dinner with the technician: Lambs and Guilds are confronted with Sarri

The moment Juventus is the delicate ones. Nothing complicated, and much less something of a compromise, with juventus still top the rankings (even if hand-in-hand with Inter and one point from Lazio), always in the race for the Champions league (where to wait for the Old Lady there is a compelling Lyon) and in the Coppa Italia. However, the defeat of Verona , he did play an important alarm bell: against a team that came in their third game in six days, the bianconeri have shown a psychological and physical condition worrying, falling in the final.

The ‘sarriball’ that still nowhere to be seen

The ‘sarrismo’ in Turin, is still there and after 23 days we wonder when it ever comes to the metabolism of calcium Maurizio Sarri in the earth-ball. Today Juventus is not a team in full health and a few hours of the slip While it is already sprinted to the guards, with a direct comparison, and no-frills between management and the technical (the accused by the fans as the main culprit). The president Agnelli, together with the ds Guilds have as well invited to a dinner Himself to confront her.

The dinner cordial, to return to the square

A meeting that was supposed to remain private but that is finished on the front pages of sports news, opening the door to speculations and rumors on what was said. Of course, it is spoken of the team spirit of a team where they are made precise choices and – at times – radical. No comparison hard, no aut aut technical, simply the will to do square and continue on the traced line. It is no mystery that the arrival of Sarri in the summer, has not found fully in agreement all the vertices of juventus (on the one side , the Lambs that he would have preferred the continuity with Allegri, on the other Nedved and Guilds that optavano for a change). But the ‘style’ Juventus requires to go on the furrow outlined, no shaking parts.

In the background, the rumors about Guardiola

It is true, remain in the background of the classic voices of the market. The ‘Sun’ has done is to allocate the hit of the summer 2020: Guardiola at the Juventus Andrea Agnelli , who’s said to be planning the future of the club bianconero thinking about the Catalan on the bench. The contract of Guardiola with the City is expiring in 2021, but in the event of the season in bankruptcy Pep may stop your relationship. The british tabloid pushes the concept to which Lambs, views, and considered the difficulties of Sarri, may try to anticipate the times.