Juve-Napoli, moviola live: lozano falcia church, alex sandro lands zielinski, missing 2 rigori!

Contrasts to the limit, assigned or denied rhegories, unflavored failures and cards deserved or not. Rankings and resultsWorld qualification europa football without var or goal line technology no longer makes sense 29/03/2021 at 09:49the live moviola of Juventus-Napoli (Marian referee)- 36’ rigor not given to juventus! Neither duties, nor paschqua at the var give penalty but they are wrong because the fall of the Mexican is very net.

Inexplicable decision and serious error of the terna, which makes the bench and the white-black leadership rage. 46′ alex sandro on zielinski, penalty also to the napoli! Controversial episode also in the area of rigor whitenera just in the first minute of recovery of the first time.

Zielinski in the area of rigour is dextered in the area and is flawed by alex sandro who kicks the Polish leg that collapses to the ground. According to serious error of the arbitral terna match that has left to wish so far.