Juve, the market has been a flop for the accounts: need 100 million of gains

In the end, been all, even Rugani who has become less undesirable having regard to the serious injury to Chiellini. The strength of the brand Juventus, the ability to attract great players and offer handsome salaries, is in danger of becoming an additional difficulty for the company, which now need to sell. It is struggling to convince his players to leave. Because, at least in Italy, are very few (maybe one or two) companies that can offer comparable conditions and not all are so readily willing to decline the engagement.

De Ligt, Rabiot, Ramsey: increases the cost of the rose

The bianconeri have a need to recover around 100-120 million by 30 June 2020, to close with a sustainable budget. Juventus, which is also listed on the Stock exchange, self-financing, as required, the shareholder Exor and more acts largely inside the fence of the financial fair play.

The change of pace international with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo and De Ligt in the last two seasons, however, did raise the wage cost of the rose. You go from the 31 million euros per year, CR7 to 300 thousand of Pinsoglio. In the middle, the other eight players with contracts in excess of 6 million per season: Emre Can, but could leave the team after the exclusion from the list of the Champions, Sami Khedira, Douglas Costa (6 million), Miralem Up (6.5), Paulo Kick, Aaron Ramsey, Adrien Rabiot (7), Gonzalo Higuain and Matthijs De Ligt (7,5).

Juve, 280 million salaries

Juve, summarizes Henry Turcato of Eurosport, “has spent 188 million euros in this window of the market, receiving by the sale of 201”. Fabio Guilds has sold Cancelo, Kean, Spinazzola, Audero (redeemed from Sampdoria), Sturaro (redeemed from Genoa), Orsolini (redeemed by Bologna), Cerri (redeemed from Cagliari), Rogerio, Favilli, Mancuso. But he finds himself with 27 players in the squad and wages to be paid to 280 million, more than double any other team in Serie A.

To understand if a management company is sustainable or not, you can compare that Lambs defines “fire power”, namely, the sum of wages, depreciation and amortization, and the total turnover of the club. Juventus have invested in the squad with the aim of raising the armature, and consequently the revenues, as a side effect, the average period of the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo. The increase in sales was accompanied, however, an overall increase in the cost of the rose who have reached 450 million last year, and are expected to grow by another hundred this season. Of the 82 million of gains generated through the sale of Cancelo and Kean are not enough to make ends meet ii accounts.

The pink can weigh as much as 80% of revenues

To ensure that a budget is sustainable for a club, note Football and Finance, the relationship between the cost of the pink and the expected revenues should be between 50% and 70%. If the turnover of this season were to reach 500 million, according to a cautious estimate by Banca IMI, the ratio would increase to 79%, therefore above the warning threshold. For which, or quickly locate a source to differentiate the revenues, even beyond the volatility of results in the Champions League, or the keyword will be pruning the rose.

In all this, points to the Corriere dello Sport, on the payroll there is still Merry with the staff. That’s why, presumably, to the Guilds attempt to sell three or four players in January. In fact, the market closed, the striker finds himself with the French powerhouse, and Can out from the list of Champions, limited to 22 players, and with a considerably extended by having to manage avoiding discomfort or impairment. So far, various disposals were not completed because the players from the prestige statements have not wanted to leave a team that is entitled to accept well-paying, how exotic experiences in China and Qatar (see the French powerhouse), or to the node of the image rights that could affect the future of Kick.

Need to diversify the sources of revenue

Juve, however, remains, together with the Rome the true queen of the gains in Italy in the last five years. From 2013 to 2019, the player trading has guaranteed to the coffers of russians at the moment almost 550 million. Only in the last season, Juve has generated more than 120 million of gains without even give the jewelry the most prestigious of the crown. It was collected, contained in a detailed investigation of the Gazzetta dello Sport, “with the pawns as Audero, Cerri, Mandragora, Sturaro”.

Another of the limits of management juventus was founded by a commercial appeal away from one of the big Europe. Juve, in fact, “collect”, for the sponsors on the shirts, 17 million fixed by the Jeep that has a contract expiring in 2021, but would like to replicate what has been achieved with Adidas saw the trailer of Cristiano Ronaldo and revise that figure upward. On the back of the jersey, instead, does not figure more Cygames, because it is a company of video games the competitor of Konami that the bianconeri have sold the exclusive license to use team name, jerseys and faces of the players to the last exit of the series Pes in a change of more than 5 million. Practically the amount of money that he earned by Cygames, with the option of adding a new sponsor. But there is much work to do to chase the largest in Europe. Otherwise you need to again prune the rose. This is the mission of the Guilds from here to the summer of 2020.