Juventus-Barcelona, made for the exchange of Up-Arthur. The brazilian is already in Turin

Within the weekend, which is going to arrive should take the form of an exchange of which it is spoken by a month at least: Miralem Totti leaves Juventus to wear the shirt of Barcelona, while Arthur, to overcome the initial perplexity, you will leave Catalonia and move to Turin. Below all the latest on the first great international exchange after the pandemic that has crippled the football world and in general around the world, and that has to be forcibly impacted also from the economic point of view on the market:

00.51Arthur has just landed at the international airport of Caselle. As anticipated in the last few hours by TMW, the brazilian midfielder has already reached this evening in Turin to do a medical with Juventus on Sunday morning.

The class of ’96 arrived in Italy immediately after the game of the Barcelona to Vigo (2-2 with Celta), in the company of his father, his brother, Paulo Henrique and his agent legal Vicente Forés.

23.29 – Setien: “Arthur trailed by Riqui Puig? It is not easy, I have to take technical decisions” – The Barcelona coach, Quique Setién, has been consulted on Arthur after the draw this afternoon with the Celta Vigo: “Riqui Puig will have more space now that Arthur was promised to Juve? I would not do comparisons – shows Sports – between a player and another, we talk about the two midfielders are several that bring to the team-a contribution that is different. I am the coach and I have to take technical decisions, it is not easy but it is what I have to do. For any footballer it is important to take every opportunity that comes his way”, his statements about the young class of ’99 that today is the party from the 1′ and replaced all’86’ right from the next reinforcement of Juventus.

21.14Dini: “Arthur? The big purchase. Reminds me of David Pizarro”Giulio Dini, a lawyer, and the ds, it has intervened today in the course of the TMW News talking about the new purchase of Juventus: “I Think that the ball, to ensure a great player, which has characteristics different from those of two halves. I would say that is a very good buy. Reminded me of Pizarro, who was a great midfielder, has perhaps sailed in the top clubs but is a great player top.”

20.17How he played Arthur from the resumption of la Liga? – Two owner out of five games. Arthur Melo, accomplice surely the negotiation for the landing at Juventus, has certainly not had a starring role in Barcelona by the resumption of la Liga. Even today, in the external challenge with Celta Vigo, have been on the other hand, only four (more recovery) the minutes played by the brazilian midfielder.

This, in chronological order, his loot with Barça in the last five challenges:
Mallorca-Barcelona 0-4 (Arthur in the field for 19 minutes)
Barcelona-Leganes 2-0 (Arthur on the field for 73 minutes – holder)
Seville-Barcelona 0-0 (Arthur in the field for 27 minutes)
Barcelona-Athletic 1-0 (Arthur in the field for 56 minutes – the owner)
Celta Vigo-Barcelona 2-2 (Arthur in the field for 4 minutes)

Remember that Arthur will close the season 2019-2020 to Barcelona and then to wear the jersey juventus only by 2020-2021.

18.55 – Barcelona, Setien him in the Arthur: four minutes of recovery for the future for juve – Despite being a step in the move to Juventus, tonight should arrive in Turin for a medical, the midfielder Arthur at minute 86 the match against Celta Vigo, he was sent to the field by the technician of Barcelona and Quique Setien on the result of 1-2 in favour of the catalans.

17.58 – Juventus, in a few hours the arrival of Arthur. Meanwhile, the brazilian is on the bench against Barcelona – a few hours will come to Turin to support a medical with Juventus, in the meantime, however, Arthur continues his adventure with Barcelona, albeit on the bench. The Blaugrana in fact, in the field a few minutes away against Celta Vigo, with the brazilian, which, however, is not part of the 11 chosen initial from the technical Setien.

17.00 – TMW – Juventus-Arthur, fixed the last details economic: tonight in Turin, with the father and the agent – Tonight Arthur will come to Turin with his father and the agent, and then support tomorrow’s medical visits with Juventus. And’ in fact in the home stretch of the deal between Barcelona and juventus to bring in Serie A the brazilian midfielder (in the context of the exchange with Miralem Up). Even the last details are missing between its agents and Juventus with respect to the bonus, as collected by TMW – are been solved yesterday night: Arthur will sign a five-year, the figures are important (will earn triple the amount than what is perceived so far at Barcelona).

14.45 – Up tomorrow in Barcelona for the visits to the doctor – Arthur tomorrow will support the medical ritual in the same day – you can read on Mundo Deportivo – is expected also the arrival of Totti in Spain. The daily Catalan recalls that the two players will end the season with current club membership, so once you have passed the medical examinations they return, respectively, in Barcelona and Turin.

12.30 – Barcelona did not spring De Jong – The Barcelona probe again on the ground with Juventus for Mattia De Jong. As reported by El Mundo Deportivo , in fact, the player continues to delight at the club blaugrana, and soon the Visitors could submit an offer for the full back. Negotiation, it law, it is disconnected from the exchange, Arthur-two halves, with the second currency De Jong at least 10 million euros.

10.15 – Arthur expected in Turin for a medicalArthur at Juventus, there we are. As collected by TMW , in fact, the brazilian midfielder, who will arrive in black and white in the context of the exchange with Totti, is expected in Turin in the evening to perform, tomorrow, a medical with Juventus.

10.00 – Up to Barcelona, visits to the doctor possible already tomorrowMiralem Up to Barcelona, it is only a matter of time. As reported by Sky , in fact, after the race won against Lecce, but the bosnian could fly to Barcelona for the medical visits of ritual tomorrow evening. A blitz Up and then immediately go back to the base in view of the next challenge Juventus in the race Tuesday at the Marassi against Genoa.


22.54Arthur the first brazilian to play with Messi and CR7 – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. There are few players who in their career can boast of having been team-mates of the two samples the most important of our time. A restricted list which will soon also Miralem Up and Arthur, ready to exchange links (and the sample at the right side) between Juventus and Barcelona.

The brazilian, also, will be the first of his nationality to play with CR7 with Messi.

21.52The mother of Arthur is arguing against SetiénLucia Melo has not appreciated the dig of Quique Setién to his son Arthur in the press conference today. After reading a tweet with the above sentence of the technical blaugrana, the mother of the brazilian midfielder said, in fact, without biting the tongue. “My god, my god, now begin to find fault with the player…”, was the polemic response of Lucia Melo.

20.35Setién, that arrow to Arthur! – Among the many statements today in the press conference, there is a sentence of Quique Setién , which has aroused more interest in the Spanish press: “Arthur would certainly not be the first footballer that comes with the expectations that in the end fails to deliver”, was the dig of the technician of the Barcelona, brazilian midfielder directed towards Juventus. “There will be fans that will see a good opportunity for the club and others will think instead that it would be better if you stay here,” he added Setién. With an observation that between the fans has ignited even more debate about the goodness (or less) to exchange with Miralem Up.

19.58Today interview Arthur-Setién-in-training – Interview between Arthur and Quique Setién during training today as the Barcelona. The coach the blaugrana came close to the brazilian midfielder and has discussed with him for a few minutes, as shown in the images on Twitter by El Chiringuito de Jugones. “What you are saying?”, you ask precisely the well-known sports program Spanish.

Recall that the class of ’96 has been regularly summoned for the challenge of tomorrow with Celta Vigo, although intended to travel to Torino on the weekend for a medical and signatures that allow you to wear the shirt of Juventus from next season.


¿Qué se estarán diciendo? 👇👇👇 pic.twitter.com/gRhRuM10EV

— El Chiringuito TV (@elchiringuitotv) June 26, 2020

18.40Arthur regularly convened by BarcaArthur Melo regularly convened for the challenge, scheduled for tomorrow between Barcelona and Celta Vigo. The brazilian midfielder, a step in the transfer to Juventus, will be part of the ranks blaugrana that will travel in Galicia for the 32 round of la Liga.

This is the complete list of mister Setién:

Our guys for #CeltaBarça! pic.twitter.com/n1iyvzkLdZ

— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) June 26, 2020

17.19Quique Setién: “To date account still on Arthur” – The Barcelona coach, Quique Setién, spoke, inevitably, of the future to Arthur in the press conference today on the eve of the match against Celta Vigo: “I still count on Arthur, is a player as important as the other and we need him. Will travel to Vigo with the team, has a chance to take the field tomorrow. Then we have to see if these rumors it will have an impact on… The season is not over and there are still missing many decisive games, this is an abnormal situation. The club now I do not, however, has announced that Arthur will go away”.

15.05 – Up he wanted, at all costs, the Barcelona – Miralem Totti has tried at all costs to Barcelona. The daily Catalan for ‘Sport’ in a long study published today explains that the successful outcome of the operation between Juventus and Barcelona has been a determinant of the willingness of the bosnian director. Totti has dismissed in recent weeks, with the offers of the Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea he wants at all costs to Barcelona because it was convinced that the Catalan team is the most suitable to enhance the technical quality. “He wants to win the Champions League to Barcelona, and it is to the law – has done everything possible to sign”.

12.30 – Arthur to the convocation – The brazilian midfielder Arthur should be included in the final squad of Quique Setien for the challenge of tomorrow against Celta Vigo. The player born in ’96, it ensures the ‘Mundo Deportivo’, will be part of the group that will go to the Galicia seen that with the absence of Busquets and De Jong his presence is necessary. Only after the game, Arthur will fly to Turin to support a medical, and define the operation that also includes Miro Up.
Arthur and Lazio, however, will continue to play, respectively, in Barcelona and in Juventus until the end of August. Then, starting in September and with the start of the new season, will begin the new adventure in football.

11.22 – Arthur will be in Turin in weekend– RAC1 does know that Arthur will be in Turin in the end of the week: the brazilian will undergo a medical to the rite and then sign the contract with the bianconeri, but then return to Barcelona for the last races of the year. The catalans are in fact fighting for the title in la Liga and, of course, have the eighth-final of the Champions league against Napoli to deal with.

10.15 – No Barça De Jong: he preferred to 10 million – Further details on the negotiations that will lead Arthur to Juventus and Miralem Up to the Barcelona: according to what we gathered, Mattia De Jong was excluded for technical reasons from the operation, which initially consisted of the arrival of the side and midfielder in Catalonia in exchange for the brazilian, an exchange of the “dry”, so to say. Instead, the blaugrana have preferred a 10 million cash rather than baste the operation only on the three cards, so the former Milan came out from the agreement.

09.13 – Trade imminent for the printing of the Catalan newspapers are the Catalan of today, they all open with the maxi exchange between Barcelona and Juventus, whose agreement was found just yesterday. Below are the comments of the newspapers close to the Barça:

Arthur Juve and Lazio to Barcelona. This exchange, where there is still no agreement total with the two parts which, however, are very close. An operation on a par with Juventus, who, however, will pay 10 million cash in the coffers blaugrana.

Mundo Deportivo
“Trade imminent”
Will be official in the next hours. It is in the pipeline the exchange between Barcelona and Juventus with Lazio that will end up in blaugrana, while Arthur will do the reverse route.


23.35 – law Offices to work for the resolution of the last critical issues – as revealed by Sky, Juventus and Barcelona have to work for the resolution of the last critical points due to the unusual situation in which this deal will be concluded: Arthur and the two halves will in fact have to undergo immediately to medical visits, but then continue to play and still very much with their respective teams. Thus, there are a whole series of legal issues and insurance that must be overcome for the successful conclusion of the deal, for which the respective legal departments are working to find the right solutions.

21.02 – What will happen to the two in this final season? – The peculiarity of the season, which will last 14 months, and requires reflection on what will happen to the two in the next few weeks. Juventus expect to play the match with Lecce, the Barca with Celta Vigo. Then via free to the public. At that point the news will be all for the coaches, Maurizio Sarri and Quique Setien, that from here to the end of August will have to manage two players virtually no more them. And the light of the evaluations extra-large double operation, as well as the specific weight of the two midfielders, the task will not be easy. Announce the two transactions of this kind with still lots of games to play (10 + in the Champions league for Juve, 7 + in the Champions league for Barca) exposes you to obvious risks: Sarri and Setien, waiting for the future designated materialize, how they will behave with the players? Will continue to use them or decide to ‘let by’? And in the case of using (that Juve appears to be almost a necessity) what will happen if one of the two were to get injured in the end of the season?

19.50 – a Distance of 10 million between the evaluations of the two – came the figures of an agreement that will materialize already this weekend, in deference to the budgetary needs of the two clubs, who have need of a great collection by 30 June. For the brazilian side, there should be a five-year, 5.5 million fixed plus bonuses for appearances and goals, whereas the evaluations of the two tags differ by about 10 million: Barça will pay € 60 million for the bosnian, with two more of any bonus, while Juventus have found an agreement for an evaluation of 70 million euro for the former Gremio.

19.43 – Agreement Arthur Juve at 5.5 million per year – the Agreement between the parties for a five-year, 5.5 million fixed plus bonuses for appearances and goals that would lead you closer to its demands yesterday, according to what we have collected. Within the weekend, however, the agreement should be perfected, with Miralem Up ready to do the trip in reverse and go to strengthen the Barcelona in an exchange that will not be dry: about 10 million should compensate for the different thickness international the two midfielders.