Juventus-Lecce, likely: Matuidi from the left-back. Liverani with the men counted

After the recoveries of the twenty-fifth day, the twenty-seventh went to the archives: the first effects on your ranking there are already, but with so many races close together everything can change even in the space of a week, it will therefore be essential to bet strong on the constancy in the results. The 28th round is already tomorrow, with the challenge between Juventus and Lecce in the serie a of Sarri seek a further extension in the top of the standings and to leave behind a reboot of the season, not positive. On TuttoMercatoWeb.com all of the updates with the likely formations.

HOW to GET THE JUVENTUS – After the successful return Maurizio Sarri try to touch as less as possible, but many races close together, and the disqualifications are forcing some change ‘forced’. In the port there will still be Szczesny, while in the defence space to Cuadrado as right back and Matuidi as the left side, in the absence of alternatives. Bonucci and De Ligt confirmed at the center, while Bentancur, Totti and Rabiot will be the midfielders. Back to Douglas Costa on the side of the Kick and Cristiano Ronaldo.

HOW to ARRIVE LECCE- Hypothesis defense five for Liverani, who will leave still on the bench Rossettini. Space to Paz with neuromuscular disorders, and Meccariello, with the returning Donated to the right and wide of the mark to the left. In midfield the run-off Barak-Petriccione, with the latter advantage given the conditions of the Czech; then levelled the contest and Mancosu. Saponara, finally, will play behind Babacar. In the case of defending the four of them, outside la Paz and into Hawk for a 4-3-3.