Juventus-Napoli 2-1: devastating church, dybala missed this juve

Juventus-napoli, a match that was staged at the allianz stadium in Turin, ended with a score of 2-1 . Thanks to the goal of ronaldo and dybala the juventus wins and relaunches in the champions league area. Danilo 6.5 – very well on the right, as for the whole season of the rest.

One of the rare positive notes of Jupiter this year. Morninghijs de ligt 6,5 – in the first time with the mertens alone takes agility measures. In the shooting after the entrance of osimhen and with the most reluctant napoli must pull up the barricade.

Dangerous balloons because then the juve often finds itself put badly and for a start-up phase risks. Very superficial the rigour granted in the final because not only puts the napoli in the game, but leveres to juventus the advantage in the direct confrontation. Alex sandro 5.5 – diagonal decisive at the beginning of the game, is then graced by the referee (and the var) with a very naive touch on zielinski.

In a juve finally ordered and with a high rhythm, cuadrado ala in his role is probably the best version of this multifaceted interpreter of the discipline. From 68’ weston mckennie 6 – honest impact in a final without much to report. Rodrigo bentancur 6.5 – a first time in which he participates in the right time to the phase of aggression and possible reattance.

The problem for the juve, in this season, was to find a bentancur that this thing, along with the team, would make it constancy. Adrien rabiot 6,5 – as bentancur today finally plays a good game also on the level of rhythm and intensity. Church 7,5 – church federico more than 10 others.

It is the concept on which juventus is based since last January. Extraordinary slalom for the axis to ronaldo, a total match on all fronts: in offensive shelters and in defensive folds. Colossal that counterpiede where it waits too long to serve church.

From the 68’ paulo dybala 7 – when it missed its jaw at juventus. Because in the end, among all, it is always the MVP of the series to the past season that the juve had long to fail. Remains a version of ronaldo that, at the end, often marks, however.

That then to say it all a beautiful juve lasts a time, the first. But today it counted even more the result and this time it is from both. Thursday 6,5 – the best of the entire defensive line, with a thick right match in both stages.

Amir rrahmani 6 – good start, with two important closures that set it right away at the necessary concentration level. Diego demme 6 – a first time where he tries to give order in a game that juventus plays at a high pace. Only note that ends up on the notebook of those who are writing these lines.

Fabian ruiz 5 – slow, a little predictable and little bad on a nice occasion at the edge of the area. And at once in a game finally played at high rhythms in series to, this limit is known here. Irving lozano 5.5 – gattuso calls him more than once to press and dictate the movement.

And at the right time, the technician, sacrifices him for the real tip. From 54’ victor osimhen 6,5 – definitely positive its entry, with played in area really valuable in the strait and the merit of conquering a rigor. Lorenzo insign 6,5 – It is in a good period of form and you see.

Sends to the bar de ligt in a nice one against one, puts in some interesting play and turns the rigour in the final. Eye, because in case of arrival at the end of the championship this penalty weighs hereme. Dries mertens 5 – taken in delivery by giant chiellini and de ligt ends up combining really little.

Glatted gennaro 6 – if you play it open face, as often happens. For a time suffers the aggressiveness and coordination of a juventus with tactical meaning and meaning. His napoli, however, does not break down and in the last half an hour creates important situations.

Of course, the ko weighs, but the feeling is that from here to the end for the fourth place speech is still long. We in the field against the napoli”series in Juve-Napoli, officers: buffon and meret between the poles, dybala in the bench 3 hours ago