Juventus-Napoli, wallpaper: “That’s why he plays buffon. cheerful? we think of the field”

Juve-Napoli, a very delicate match in champions key both for the Bianconeri and for the men of gattuso, set in fourth place at 56 points. The disqualification prevented him, then yesterday after the conference the mister spoke with szczesny and of common accord they decided to give him a rest turn making to play buffon”. On the gameseries in Juve-Napoli, officers: buffon and meret between the poles, dybala in the bench an hour ago”there are ten games, so they’re all ten very important.

It is worth the ten more, but at the end of the championship the games have greater weight”. For eleven years we have been at this level and pressures we receive every day. The same thing is true to go, which had first player responsibility and has always managed them with personality.

On the possibility not to center the 4th place”we think positive, to do our championship trying to bring home the 3 points. We don’t think about it, it’s a non-con hypothesis.” On the criticism of the juve rose”the first year of the dinars we had barleys, bonucci and chiellini and all told us to buy defenders.

We went around the world and thought that in a few were superior to them. I think the players we have are good, competitive: rabiot is titular in france, arthur won the America cup with brazil, bentancur made 100 games with juventus and mckennie was the revelation. They started with the same technician and an idea of game already rooted.

Its strength is in the identity of play and this is a very great advantage. On the possible return of joys”We think about working. No reasoning that goes beyond the games and a technical phase.

As if I had dinner with maldini”Inter-Sassuolo series, officers: lautaro, darmian and gagliardini from 1′ an hour ago