Juventus, pirlo in post-Napoli: “I have made so many mistakes, they will serve in the future”

Andrea pirlo spoke after the victory for 2-1 on the napoli that relaunches juventus in the race champions. These words to the sky microphones: “I’m not mad at the points left on the street because of the attitude. We have not been incisive in so many affordable races, facing them with different attitudes from tonight.

When you have this spirit, this desire to win, when you sacrifice yourself in eleven and cover the positions of the companions at the end the result comes. ” It’s normal that finding positive the day before the game and having these doubts is not easy, but we move forward and hope that this will end soon. ” Series at Juventus-Napoli 2-1, pagelle: devastating church, dybala missed an hour agoon the points lost in the street from his juventus”I took this path in August, trying to inculcate a certain type of game.

We did it for a part of the season, then we could not always have the same players continuously. We got to a little bit of a game against lower teams in the standings and we lost points. Now we can’t afford to give up a moment because the championship is increasingly insidious. ”

On dybala and its future”when you have a player like dybala at your disposal you try to make it play as often as possible. Is an added value for any team, including juventus. Sometimes he’s wrong, but I’m gonna need it for the future.

This year it was a more complicated championship for everyone, I will definitely need it for the future. I’ve made a mistake, but maybe from these mistakes I can draw good conclusions. ” Getting ahead becomes difficult, so we have set the goal of doing better than all in these last ten games. ”

When you play for juventus goals you have to conquer them, do not choose them. In champions we had the chance against an opponent, unfortunately we took a bad blow. Then we lost with the blessing and this took us from the fight for the shield.

The champions was something we wanted to carry on, seeing the games last night gave us great anger because we could be one of those. ” We in the field against the napoli”series at the juventus finds dybala and beats the napoli 2-1 4 hours ago