Juventus, rabiot: “playing in empty stages sucks. I understand paire, but it serves patience”

Juventus, rabiot: “playing in empty stages sucks. I understand paire, but it serves patience”see readingsadrien rabiot. Host of billion keys, spoke about his passage to juventus and many topics related to topicality: “when I arrived, I already considered myself a mature boy.

I signed there when I was 24, it’s not like I got there right after my training. It is clear that signing for a foreign club very much has changed. Every day you pass you mature.

Is a different type of football, a different way of doing things, a different language. Can you describe the program of a day like that? The appointment is always an hour before the start of the training that begins at 11:00.

We carry out preventive work and each makes them according to their needs. To juventus this is a very important aspect. We could stay in the locker room without doing this job before a session.

After each workout, we devote a lot of time to recovery work. How do you feel when you play in empty stages? There we feel like playing training games.

The motivation is not at the same level as usual, because there is no adrenaline at all. We have to play in front of our fans, we got used to it and we need it. The public can help a team overcome themselves at times that can be difficult.

When a team is under pressure or is mentally affected, fans can allow you to double your efforts to achieve a positive result. The French tennis player benoĆ®t paire can sometimes exaggerate his attitude, but I fully understand his lack of motivation in relation to this unprecedented situation. We must deal with this problem patiently, hoping for a quick return of the fans in the stadiums.”

Is the fruit of the juventus method of work. However, I do not work specifically in the gym more than other players. I think it’s more tied to the exercises done on the field during pre-season and during the season, as well as a healthy lifestyle. ”

“We impair every day, and for all our lives and for all. Signing for juventus, I learned a new way of working. With a coach how to go pirlo you can only learn!

I also met new people with their own skills, teammates with different and varied qualities.