La Gazzetta dello Sport at the opening: “Ace of wands”

“Ace of Sticks” was how The Gazzetta dello Sport at the opening today. Game of words to open the interview with the defender of Inter, Alessandro Sticks. The class of ’99 ex Atalanta, so spoke of his adventure with inter: “I want to Thank Earl and the dream of the European. In 10 years, I’m always here, captain, with some trophy in the showcase. Virus? I would like to play soon as possible but the priority remains the health”.

The young gold – Not just Sticks. “Zaniolo, Kean, the Church, the Tonal: this is the one who shines in the top 11 of the baby gold”. The journey between the young hopes of Italian: Mancini has a variety of axes.

The proposal also talks about the salary cut to the players: “The proposal to clear cut the salary to the fellow Juventus”. And the Barcelona, in the meantime, calls for the layoff to Messi and friends.