Lazio, Inzaghi: “I hope to leave with a calendar, a normal and a with the fans”

To Naples to play for the last chance to close the championship, 2nd, or 3rd place. Fresh from three consecutive wins, Lazio is preparing for a trip to St. Paul, the goal is not to get in the 4th position, which for many would be a mockery of the light of the trend of the season before the long lockdown. I will also discuss Simone Inzaghthe to the 15, when is scheduled the press conference in the sports centre of Formello. Follow the live text!

Hours 15.01 – the Start of the press conference:

Tomorrow closes the championship, it will be a night an historic one for her, which was to become the coach with the most appearances in the history of the Lazio…
“At this time I think only of Napoli, we will have a very important match. The last effort of a very long season, we have made 12 games in a row that were very harsh. We want to close the best this season a memorable one for all. We managed to win a trophy and get back in the Champions league after thirteen years. Real estate, Ronaldo permitting, can win trophies, Luis Alberto the league in assist, and my attendance record”.

That the future you imagine for her and the Lazio?
“We want to reach the Champions in the best of ways. I would hate to get to the fourth place, the team has deserved it more. The Naples, together with the Inter and Juventus, has the pink deepest of the Series”.

That vote gives the season of Lazio? What will remain?
“Full marks, has been fantastic for how it began. A trophy, eleven consecutive victories, the return of the Champions and many personal goals, even players, which can be centered. The best hope is that the next season may start with a calendar and normal with the people at the stadium, the fans are the lifeblood of football. You can’t play every two days, it is a race to the elimination of the football players.

The three moments most exciting of the season?
“The victory in the uefa Super cup with Juventus, the eleven consecutive victories and a return to the Champions league after thirteen years.”