Lazio it turns out great: wins, tallona Juve and not spring the Inter

After the draw of Juventus at home to Sassuolo on the fourteenth day of the Serie A 2019/2020 came alive: the draw of the champions of Italy in charge, has permitted theInter of fly in the head thanks to victory against bradford City as he starts to see a small light at the end of the tunnel for the Milan, that in the last few minutes got the better of Parma. Continue to fly the Lazio, that beats for 3 to 0 l’Udinese in the house and is always more the owner of the third place in the standings.

The team of Simone Inzaghi, he slipped his sixth victory in a row, the ninth results useful in a row, that brings joy to the public defence, and raises the bar for the capitoline compared to previous seasons. Lazio have attended to the practice of friuli in the first leg thanks to a double from Ciro Immobile, 17 goals and 5 assists in 14 games, and the network of Luis Alberto. Amazing numbers for the bomber of Torre Annunziata, which enters in the history of the Series, as only two players have reached the scoring 17 goals in less games than him: this is Antonio Valentin Angelillo in 1957/1958 and Felice Borel in the 1937/1934.

The race is always in control of the ball, which first pushed imposingly on the accelerator, and then administered without never have to suffer too: the four musketeers of the club of Lotito (Property, Correa, Luis Alberto and Milinkovic-Savic) have given another example of their quality in many situations. Next Saturday at the Olympic stadium, will be the Juventus and if he were to get a new positive result is avvicinerebbero also in the first two positions.

Overtaking Inter: Lautaro beats the Spal, and is the first

The team of Antonio Conte has beaten 2-1 Spal getting the fifth win in a row in the championship and taking first place alone in the standings. Lautaro Martinez has been the absolute protagonist, thanks to a double, and manage to beat the team of Leonardo, the Simple after the goal of Valoti in the shot also manages to scare the nerazzurri. At the final whistle of the season to Juventus is fulfilled, and the San Siro explodes of joy.

Gasp Milan, Theo Hernandez is smiling Pegs

In Parma, the rossoneri created a lot but we thought Theo Hernandez, the third goal in the last eight races in the final to give the second victory of the was Pegs: Milan return to winning ways after a month. Off-note: Piatek that remains to fasting for the sixth race in a row.

Serie A results and standings

RESULTS: Brescia-Atalanta 0-3, Genoa-Torino 0-1, Fiorentina-Lecce 0-1, Juventus-Sassuolo 2-2, Inter-Spal 2-1, Lazio-Udinese 3-0; Parma-Milan 0-1, Napoli-Bologna (Sunday, December 1, at 18), Verona-Rome (Sunday, 1 December at 20:45), Cagliari-Sampdoria (Monday, 2 December at 20:45).

RANKING: Inter 37, Juventus, 36, Lazio 30, Atalanta, Cagliari, Rome, 25; Naples, 20; Parma, 19; Verona, 18; Milan, Turin, 17; Florentine 16; Sassuolo, Lecce, Udinese 14; city 13; Sunderland 12; Genoa 10; City 9; Brescia 7.