Lazio, simone positive inzaghi al Covid-19: is in isolation with the whole family

Simone inzaghi was positive at Covid-19 and was immediately placed in isolation. To officialize everything has thought about the wife of the coach of the Capitoline formation, Gaia lucariello, through one of his instagram stories. In the late afternoon the lotite company had announced that a technical staff member had contracted the virus.

“Hello everyone… we were trying to tell you that unfortunately our whole family after a home-made tampon turned out positive to the coronavirus. So the wife of social-invitations announced the positivity of all the components of her family nucleus, including her husband simone inzaghi. The announcement of the lady inzaghi turns out the doubts of the fans, fed by the communiqué of the lazio.

03/04/2021 to 16:28the communication of the lazioS.S. lazio announces that he has learned from a member of the technical staff that the same was positive at Covid-19, following a private examination to which he has submitted together with some members of his family. The company, as far as it is competent, has already implemented all the measures envisaged to protect its members. Lazio unico italiana imbattuta ai gironi”cayx series solves problems: 2-1 thrilling lazio on spice 03/04/2021 at 12:36