Le pagelle del Borussia Dortmund – Haaland seems to be the distant relative, in the two above the 6

Burki 7 – If the League does not exit from the field with one hour mark, it is also thanks to him, that close on two occasions to the door. in particular, the first on the edge of the area, referring to the 1-0 shortly after. Blameless on the goals.
Piszczek 5 – From that part Neymar does what he wants, doesn’t play his best game of the european.
Hummels 5,5 – Tries to put the craft, to remedy a yellow to have stopped with the hard way Cavani.
Zagadou 5,5 – Perhaps it is still immature for these levels, because it is physically imposing, but as soon as it goes under pressure is likely to combine an omelette even if it is in the advantage.
Guerreiro 5,5 – You can see a little on his end, worried by the challenge with Mary.
The Can is 5.5 – The best in the two phases, try to cover the ball and then raise. It is already the flagship of the BVB. But then you expel recklessly, one vote less.
Witsel 5 – Less brilliant than the companion, however, is caught in the middle and not have the opportunity to launch themselves forward (from 71′ Reyna’s.v.).
Hakimi 5 – Part very – too? – shy, and improves at the distance, especially with a diagonal shot wide, but that would not give problems to Keylor Navas. Not seen in the defensive phase (from’87’ Gotze’s.v.).
Hazard 5 – do Not see almost never (68 Brandt’s.v.).
Sancho 6 – Frolic in the first half, giving the headaches Kehrer, and slowly takes his measures. We test for two times, but his conclusions did not bother the goalkeeper.
Haaland 4,5 – For the first time is the best in the field. The novelty is that not stamping the card in the Champions League, a rare thing. Two sleeveless which make the risk of expulsion.

Favre 5 – The team cannot quite get to the keeper Keylor Navas, with the exception of two shares of Jadon Sancho. In forty minutes, a single shot of Brandt, from the distance, when already two goals. Maluccio.