LIVE BUNDESLIGA – Cake Casteels, the Augusta is a tie

15.30 – Start the challenge.
7′ – an Initiative for Wolfsburg with Otavio, who tries a ball forward towards the toes, but closes the rear of the Augusta.
14′ – Richter tries a shot from distance. The ball is deflected by the defence of Wolfsburg and ends in a corner kick.
15′ – Vargas!! The occasion for the Augusta!! After a beat and a stunning ball into the area following the corner, the exterior of the home team concludes from outside the area, the Casteels two times the holds there.
22′ – Pushes the Augusta with Lowen, who receives the penalty area, but it is all still for one of his irregular position.
25′ – Otavio!! Chance for Wolfsburg!! The outside kick inside the penalty area but the ball is lost on the bottom not much.
30′ – the Protests of Wolfsburg for an alleged handball from Jedvaj in the penalty area, all set for the race director.
36′ – corner Kick for Wolfsburg with a header of Mbabu but ends far away from the mirror to the door.
42′ – Goal from Steffen!! Wolfsburg the lead!!!! Cross from the left is for the head of the attacker, skilled from just inside the area and overcome Luthe with a great lashing.
15.15 – here Ends the first half with Wolfsburg ahead 1-0 in the field of the Augusta.
16.32 – We go again.
49′ – Richter!! The occasion for the Augusta!! The exterior of your home a powerful shot, Casteels is opposed in a free kick.
54′ – own Goal Casteels!! Draw the Augusta!! On sviippi a free-kick, Brooks strikes back toward the goalkeeper that cake and you miss the ball.

15.30 – the Ruhr derby.
4′ – Haaland test the percussion for the central streets, got a couple of rebounds but the the Schubert in the low output puts order and can neutralize the ball.
6′ – free Kick from a good position for fc Schalke 04 with Caligiuri, but the conclusion you print on the wall.
10′ – Check-in course between the race director and the VAR for a touch of the arm of Kenny after one side of Haaland. The referee continued, in view of the close distance between the two and the touch of the previous one with the thigh part of the outside of the Schalke.
15′ – Acceleration due to Raphael Guerreiro, who tries to serve Haaland with a nice through pass, closes the defence of Schalke.
23′ – to step down is responsible for the joke of a free kick, the ball slams him to the barrier and is lost in a corner.
24′ – Haaland!! On the developments of a corner, the striker of the BVB shot wide from inside the area, but grasps only the outside of the network.
28′ – Goal Haaland!! Borussia Dortmund are in the lead!! Couldn’t that be him to score the first goal of the resumption in the Bundes. A Cross from the right, Hazard to the striker that comes inside the area and exceeds Schubert.
35′ – Even for Borussia, with Raphael Guerreiro receive from Hakimi and kicks in the door, the ball ends at the bottom of the field.
41′ – step down!! The occasion for the BVB!! Great flying from distance as the midfielder giallonero but Healthy in the vicinity of the line raise it above the crossbar.
45′ – Goal Guerreiro!! Doubles Borussia Dortmund!! Nice through ball to Brandt for the outside, in front of the Schubert overtakes him on the far post.
15.17 – The race director says that can be enough, and send the teams into the locker room. Borussia Dortmund forward 2-0 up on Schalke 04 in the Ruhr derby.
16.34 – Resumes the derby.
46′ – good initiative, Schalke 04, with Caligiuri, who serves in the horizontal Serdar. His conclusion, however, is too central, no problem for Burki.
48′ – Goal by Hazard!! Trio of Borussia Dortmund!! Resumption deadly of the BVB with Brandt that, following a counter-attack, serves the belgian. The conclusion is not irresistible, but that ends in the network due to a not perfect Schubert.

15.30 – start of the match.
The 5′ – forward the Luck with Zimmermann. The exterior of the home team looking for a ball deep to Karaman but without finding his team-mate.
14′ – Even Zimmermann tries a shot from long distance but that lil ball is repelled by the defence of Paderborn.
19′ – Pole Berisha!! Fortuna Dusseldorf close to the goal!! Cross from the left Suttner for the former Lazio that coordinates and takes to flight. The ball is deflected by Sconlau and ends on the pole to the right of Zingerle.
26′ – tries from the distance Thommy but Zingerle see starting the ball, and neutralizes centrally.
33′ – Ayhan!! The occasion for the Fortuna Dusseldorf!! Shot of the head of the attacker of the house with a ball that is lost on the bottom of little.
40′ – Five minutes at the end of the first time, the race is balanced at Dusseldorf, and a result that will not unlock.
15.15 – Without recovery, ends in the first part of the race: networks white between Fortuna Dusseldorf and Paderborn.
16.34 – The race director gives the way to recovery.
50′ – Pushes the Paderborn with Rittler who crosses to the center of the area, but the defence of the Fortune fails to release without problems.
56′ – Still have guests in the next developments of a kick from a standstill to Proger that calculates the evil of the cross. Ball on the bottom.

15.30 – The race director gave the way to the match.
5′ – forth with the decision, the Hertha Berlin with Pekarik, who tries a cross from the right hand lane, Baumann calls the ball, and he makes his exit.
13′ – Does turn the ball Hoffenheim in an attempt to create hazards to the port of Jarstein, but for now, holds up well in the rear of the Hertha Berlin.
18′ – Increase the pace in the field. Ibisevic received the ball at the edge of the area. The game of the legs of the striker, which accelerates but Rudy closes in the corner.
26′ – great chance for Baumgartner!! Chance for Hoffenheim!! A cross from the right hand side of Skov to the attacker, all alone in front of Jarstein, butt the ball, favouring the high grip of the goalkeeper of Hertha.
34′ – Advances the Hertha Berlin with Pekarik, who tries a cross towards the penalty area, manages to free the striker of Hoffenheim.
40′ – Cunha!! Hertha Berlin close to the goal!! Hubner is asleep on Ibisevic, who, perhaps, left, steals the ball in the penalty area and serves Cunha. The number 26 whiteblue do you hypnotize by Baumann rejects.
15.15 – Ends 0-0 the first time between Hoffenheim and Hertha Berlin.
16.34 – Shooting via.
52′ – Beier the introduction of the advantage!! Chance for Hoffenheim!! The newly entered receives to the central streets, enters the area, but you’re Jarstein put spectacularly to the side.
54′ – Ibisevic!! Chance for Hertha!! Goals of the former touched by the attacker, that time in the area and shot wide. Baumann relaxes and puts in the corner.

15.30 – Is part.
4′ Laimer!! The occasion for the Leipzig!! Shot from distance as the midfielder of the formation of the house, the ball ends on the bottom a little to the right of Schwolow.
9′ – Nkunku!! The occasion for the Leipzig!! It’s a great goal from distance by former PSG with Schwolow that sees starting the shooting, and rejects the ball.
13′ – Werner!! Still Leipzig close to the goal!! Acceleration in the open field the attacker enters the area and starts a diagonal on which Schwolow you exceed putting you in the corner.
21′ – long Action of the home team with Laimer that opens up too the mark. Conclusion weak and easy prey of Schwolow.
29′ – We are moving towards the half hour of the game at Leipzig, the result still 0-0.
34′ – Goal Gulde!! Freiburg are in the lead!! Touch close-up defender on the developments of a corner kick and the ball into the top corner in the network behind Gulacsi.
43′ – Gunter!! Chance for Freiburg!! Hook and pull in the area of the external guest with the ball that ends a breath on the bottom.
15.15 – Range Leipzig. Freiburg in advantage 1-0 thanks to the network marked by Gulde.
16.33 – the second half Begins.
49′ – a corner Kick for Freiburg with Gunter who crosses into the area, the head of Koch clears the ball out of Leipzig.
52′ – Halstenberg!! It’s a great goal from the distance of the defender of Leipzig with Showlow that to avoid the fists and heads over the bar.

15.27 – Enter the field of the ten formations engaged this afternoon. Soon the ball will roll in the German stadiums.

15.10 – 15.30 are five challenges that will take place strictly behind closed doors:
Borussia Dortmund-Schalke 04
Fortuna Dusseldorf-Paderborn
Hoffenheim-Hertha Berlin

69 days after the Bundesliga back on the engines. After the stop imposed by the pandemic of Covid-19, the German championship starts with the 26th day. Readers of TMW good afternoon, Andrea Piras and welcome to live text of the competitions of 15.30.