Liverpool is the champion of England: trophy delivered by Lampard, after 30 years

Liverpool is the champion of England. After 30 years, the Reds return to the level of the Queen, by winning the first Premier League match of their own history, almost unbelievably considering the two Champions won between Istanbul 2005 and Madrid in 2019. Lampard has handed over the trophy by winning against the City of Guardiola, to become the hyper is heading towards the final of the Champions League, including the return against Real Madrid, and Lisbon. The same Lampard was on the pitch when Gerrard slipped with the ball and gave Demba Ba a highway to success: is it really true that life gives and takes away.

Meanwhile, Liverpool is the same as that over three months ago saw the challenge against Atletico Madrid. Carousels in the city centre after an event expected three decades, while van Dijk and his companions exult in front of the tv. It is the story of the shoes in the routes of Mané, but also the triumph of the anti-heroes par excellence, between Jurgen Klopp and Ralf Rangnick.

A win who knows that record, because it came with seven rounds in advance of the end of the championship. And then, because now there is a goal: to exceed 100 points.