Made in Italy? Belluzzo: “Thanks to the tax laws, will return to the big”

Lionel Messi and the Inter. Of those dreams that seem to be chimeras, hypothesis fascinating but horizons impossible. The father Jorge will transfer his residence to Milan, italy for tax matters: however, the fact that he was to manage the estate and also the career in the first half, it is inevitable to think of dream scenarios, for Milan, for Italy. The certainty part by the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus in the Serie A is again at the centre of the map of international football, also thanks to tax laws that have opened the possibility for our country to return to the embrace of the great champions. decided to tackle the topic with Alessandro Belluzzo, managing partner of Belluzzo International Partners and the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom. From London explains the activities of the Trust & Wealth, in relation to the future of the players and of the major sports. “Our approach as professionals is to look at the legal and fiscal aspects, which allow players and families to move from one country to another. Among the facilities that have allowed Italy to return to the centre of international football, there are the flat tax or the return of human capital”.

This is not, however, only tax advantages.
“That’s correct. It is not only the tax variable that matters, but the 360° approach. For this reason, our studio takes care of everything regarding the transfer: school, family, health issues, insurance. The same is true for those who come to live in London: we give a technical-professional aspect but also operational, applied to all sporting families or no”.

She tells us about the flat tax and because it fosters the arrival in Italy of the great players?
“Allows anyone who has not had a residence in Italy in the last 9 years out of 10, pick and choose to a substitute tax on source income of foreign to 100 thousand euro per year, for a maximum of 15 years.Do the examples of Ronaldo, Messi and the great players who have income not only from the salary of the club, but also and above all from his own image: to these it is fitting to apply this rule that allows a tax fixed for 100 thousand euro”.

That would not, in fact, applied to the salary but to the rights to the image and to the foreign income.
“It would not concern the salary, but is a standard that gives an important advantage. Give the tranquility to take advantage of this scheme and through an agreement with the irs that would not create more problems in the future, but to live with peace in my heart. Paying the 100 thousand a year, is a lump sum that relates to the foreign income: for the Placed, for example, that have had unresolved issues in his homeland, would become an important solution. I should, however, look at the aspects of relocation: home, family, school, aspects dedicated”.

The other facility relates to the return of human capital to which she has contributed to the drafting with the Italian Government.
“That’s correct. The other legislation that benefits the sport is that of a dl of 30 April 2019, dl 34, entered into force on 1 may: permits a tax discount on the decree of the assessment for the 70% or 90% of income for those who fall in Italy”

And for sports fans and for the players, then?
“For sports we had to find an agreement, I participated actively in the drafting of the changes to the dl 34. We have expanded to all, graduates or not, calling for a return of human capital. It also applies to professional athletes. The facilitation for these is 50% and is asked for a contribution of 0.5% to support the young sportsmen, a solidarity contribution.

Reasoning for hypothesis: Messi for what could you opt?
“The two things are not cumulative: the first gives an advantage to the person, the player. The second gives an advantage to the club. If I have to give X million to the player, the taxes I pay on 50%. In most cases, you will see the application of this rule. The flat tax will apply to those who have a higher gain on their image than on their salary”.

Like Cristiano Ronaldo in the past, as it could be for the big names in the future.
“It is a law that is simple, that he does not need tricks to save money and takes away from the issues of the past in which many, not to blame them, incappavano. And for what, now, Italy is a country favorable for those who want to rilocarsi”.

It was in the family, Put, where, what would you choose?
“Someone like Messi maybe choose the flat tax, a less structured from the point of view of the image, maybe choose the return to human capital. As for the flat tax, serving 9 years on a 10 non-residence, for the second just two years out”.

Italy is again at the center of the market. Also for the immigrants.
“There is a law that allows you to obtain the so-called Golden Visa. It is another thing attractive: who does not have a european passport, you can apply one of two standards and also the can be given also the Golden Visa. This is a permit of stay of two years, extendable by another three years, and so on. Is about who invests in Italy: if an investment is made on startup, company, government or philanthropy, has the chance of getting stay Schengen. It is important to be able to federate to the eu) also for the Italian clubs”.

To sum up: Italy return to the centre of world football.
“These three regulations concerning tax advantages, capital and visa, in the maximum of transparency and of the tranquility staff. Doing strength on these rules, we can ensure that the A-Series to become an important alternative in Europe.