Mafia: blitz cc catania, the favors of entrepreneurs to the clan – sicilia

(ansa) – catania, 04 May – an operation of the carabinieri of catania against criminal groups linked to what we have brought forth “a situation of serious mafia pollution of the local economic fabric, as evidenced by the identification of several entrepreneurs who consciously favoured the illegal activities of the clan”. This is what emerges from an investigation coordinated by the Ethnian dyda in the issue of a precautionary custody order for 40 inquiries. The investigation of the carabinieri of the provincial command of catania also emerged an additional channel of financing of the clan’s crates: the undue perception of the agricultural unemployment allowance.

More details on the operation will be made known during a press conference that will be held at 10 am in the provincial command of carabinieri of catania.