Marsilio, with ‘abruzzo neighbor’ we delight development 2021-30 – abruzzo

(ansa) – fishing, 07 apr – “the strategic document ‘abruzzo neighbor’, which complies with the programming of the next decade, will have a consistent impact on the possibilities of development of the territory in the years to come. The president of the regional junta, marco marsilio, during the press conference that was held, in the headquarters of the region of the union square, during the work of the event-webinar that closed the partnership consultation on the document ‘abruzzo next’. A tool that has allowed to dictate strategic guidelines for sustainable development and integration of funds 2021/2030.

If the beginning of the programming cycle comes to the end of a year of pandemic and with a very hard socio-economic situation, this responsibility appears even greater. Without doing pendaric flights, we can anticipate that there will be more funds also in ordinary programming. We will talk more about it when we have signed and concluded the negotiations which are also going ahead with the Carfagna Minister, whose ministry is deputy to distribute the cohesion funds.

It is certain, however, – it has confirmed marsilio – that the abruzzo will receive a much more substantial share of funds both regarding the European funds and the development and cohesion funds received in the last cycle of programming. This is a fact that it lends itself to recovery funds and extraordinary funds. We, by 15 October, sent 74 design boards, selected by the cockpit that verified its sustainability, the possibility of sharing and the feasibility of the interventions.

A little as it happens in the activity of the ministries. All this, – it has concluded marsilio – makes us believe, with a certain optimism, that the projects sent to the government, where they were financed, would soon turn into concrete activities”.