Marvin carriers beat kevin holland in the main event ufc of las vegas: continues the race towards the title

Great success of marvin carriers against kevin holland in the main event at las vegas in the great evening ufc. Match started with a bad bass hit by holland that will kick under the Italian belt that recovers and, despite the continuous trash talking of the opponent, manages to balance the encounter. Second rounds clearly appannaggio of the Trentino fighter with the American always underpression that brings a hematoma to the eye.

After just a minute of the third round carriers puts holland to the carpet and attempts a submissive from which the fatigued texan manages to get rid of. The match ends 50-45 for marvin carriers with unanimous verdict by the three judges and the 27-year-old trentino can thus celebrate his fifth consecutive victory in ufc (the second longest after that of the champion Israeli adesanya that is currently at 9 hits in a row).