Maurizio Sarri is under process after Verona: 5 errors that are of concern to the Juventus

He lost Himself, perhaps with too much superficiality, by evaluating not in the correct way an opponent like Verona, that would need further investigation. Perez has expressed fear on the eve of this race and these fears were then confirmed in the field. The tranier juventus has in fact deployed its Juventus with a 4-3-3 important quality, but without in the least think of the impact in the defensive phase that could have been the pressure of the Hellas on the rear of Juventus.

And then that’s why are several of the errors committed by Sarri emerged at the end of the ko win at the ‘Bentegodi’. The men lined up in the midfield, to the dualism Up-Bentancur, which can no longer be tolerated. In the attack, play just for Cristiano Ronaldo, is cancelling an attacker to breed like Higuain that in such a game, it would have been more useful during the race. Here then, the 5 errors of Maurizio Sarri that led to the 2-1 Verona on his Juventus.

The choice to prefer Rabiot to Matuidi has been paid dear

Sarri in his 4-3-3 starting has deployed a midfield consisting of Rabiot, Totti and Bentancur. Regardless of the discussion about the dualism between the bosnian and the uruguayan, the choice of the French has shown Himself to have been superficial in the evaluation of the Verona. On the right hand side, the Hellas has a scooter as Pharaohs in the possession of the scaliger family left, it was to the shoulders of Alex Sandro, who obviously had to tighten the center. At this point, Rabiot would have to climb on the line of the defenders in order to avoid that the same Pharaohs were left free. Matuidi is a master in this kind of movement, but the choice to keep him on the bench, has been rather questionable, because on the outside Juventus have suffered so much.

A Cuadrado 100% of the forces would have preferred in the shot

Put the ball into the right-back has had a value important in the league of the Sarri. But against Hellas, team teacher on the outside, the colombian has struggled a little throughout the race, forcing even Douglas Costa, at times, to descend, to help the ex-Fiorentina. Result? Both have arrived at the half-hour of the recovery in the breath (the brazilian is also being hurt again), and Cuadrado, called to the visitor’s goal to retrieve the game, deployed in the trident offensive, he had no more strength to push.

The use of De Jong from the 1’ whereas on the bench for Juventus, with Bernardeschi injured, had no players capable of splitting the game and change pace, he could allow Himself to have Proved in more to retrieve at least a goal.

Up-Bentancur: only one in the field

If you do not play Totti, Bentancur is his replacement. Sure, but it has to be flanked by two mezzali as well. And then if you choose Up, the same applies to the bosnian who, with Rabiot and Bentancur, has never been able to risk much on the bet, remaining trapped in the grip of Amrabat, who has virtually closed every played. Both in the field, Up and Bentancur, limited to two players instead from the point of view of the intelligence of the game, they would have to say a lot if deployed individually with two mezzali in coverage. But if the uruguayan is asked to also push in the door, retrieve the ball and build, then we are out of the way completely.

Higuain was a point of reference (for the Hellas)

To give a point of reference for a team such as Hellas, which in reality play from the beginning of the championship without a true point of reference in its 11 holder, is how to serve a perfect headed assist to Juric. Gunter has struggled its own, especially in the first half, to contain the play, back to the door, to Higuain. With Kumbulla on Douglas Costa and CR7 harnessed by the Pharaohs and Rrhamani, it was virtually impossible for the ball to find open spaces.

Higuain has had great difficulty in being able to serve Ronaldo or discharged to the exterior. With a Kick from the 1’ in the field certainly the unpredictability, speed, and also the imagination of the young argentine, they would have been able to give of the dangers to the defence of the scala family, the surprise from the entrance of the ‘Joya’ in a recovery, and in fact has been important in the advantage play.

Kick on the bench, questionable choice

Entrance late in the second half, but the situation leaving Ramsey and Matuidi on the bench, was absolutely decisive. The welsh would have been really fundamental in the game that the club would have had to do at the ‘Bentegodi’: take advantage of the entries of the midfielders having the attack blocked. These were the two things to do: or jump Kick from the 1’ or Ramsey.

With both on the bench, the team was unbalanced to the max, the former Arsenal, in fact, would have been much more decisive and determined at the place of Bentancur, in virtue of the discourse on the uruguayan did before. Sarri will have to be meditating to avoid making these mistakes in the future, but the ko of Verona remains an assist in a sensational Inter in the optical derby and of course..the badge.