Mihajlovic jokes: “I don’t want to buy a house in Bologna. Contracts are valid up to a certain point”

Sinisa mihajlovic Mihajlovic coach of Bologna, commented on the 2-1 win against Sampdoria to the microphones of Sky Sport: “I have Not found a team bad that I wanted to. We have won so, I expect a lot more: we lost too many balls, technically we are still at great levels. We have never spent three months without playing, I don’t know if that is normal. Most will pass the time before you will encounter the form. We won deservedly, but I expect a growth. Except only in the attitude”.

Barrow is a player to build temperamentally?
“With him I speak often, he has what God has given, not of his. Must leave out of hunger and anger: if I can improve it from that point of view, can make the difference in any team. Depend on me, but especially from him. If you are not only helps… sometimes I can see is flabby, if you don’t change this attitude not to play”.

The reasons for fogging are related to the rest?
“The break has affected us very much, even the fact that you have not been able to do friendly. Now the data are optimal, but we need to find the right lines of the passage. We will put everything in place”.

Has renewed. What you want to leave to Bologna?
“I don’t want to buy a home, (laughs, ndr). I have chosen to stay, between my illness and the virus we have not had continuity this year. Together we have extended for another year, and I’m glad. Also if are valid up to a certain point, the contracts… I Thank the company for the trust, here I’m fine and I hope to stay long”.

The game Orsolini?
“With Orsolini I was angry at the end of the first time, if I had a change adequate to the I took to the range. I’m not happy with what he is doing and the commitment is there, but by one like him, I always expect a game decisive. Wrong steps, choices, and is not likely ever played”.