Milan, another injury to Lucas Biglia: sprain knee

Lucas Biglia has probably closed already for the season. The argentinian midfielder during the last session, when he suffered a sprain of the right knee with involvement of the medial collateral. His season probably is over.

Knee injury for Lucas Biglia

In the list of summoned for the semi-final first leg of Coppa Italia between Milan and Juventus do not figure the name of Lucas Biglia. The former Lazio is injured right knee. What is certain is the distortion, there is, however, the involvement of the medial collateral. The problem is serious and might even, in the worst case, lead to the early closure of the season for the ball with ac Milan has not had peace and was never able to play at the highest levels.

The many injuries to Lucas Biglia, with the Milan

In two and a half years, and the argentine has played just 64 games (2 goals) with the rossonera shirt. Very, very few. For the ball with ac Milan he played little, especially in the last two seasons, Pegs put on the edge because it had alternatives, in truth, also because of injuries that have plagued the argentine, who will leave Milan at the end of the season (he has the contract expiring in June 2020). Because of injuries, the most diverse – the biceps femoris, adductor, muscle injury to the calf of the leg, fracture of lumbar vertebra – has missed 40 games in these seasons when it. A huge number, destined, unfortunately, to grow because of this very serious knee problem. The instrumental exams for the Ball will in the next few hours will clarify everything and you will discover the real conditions of the player who is still in the best of cases it will stop at least a month and a half, in theory, it could also be forced to a knee operation.