Milan, for Milan too many doubts and few certainties. His retirement is approaching

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is now Sweden and, while waiting to understand if and when you return to play, carefully reflects on her future: the contract of Swedish – highlights La Gazzetta dello Sport – expires next June 30, and the more the days go by and more, it appears unlikely a renewal against Milan. The chaos company over the past few weeks, which led to the dismissal of Boban, he left very puzzled as the attacker and at the end of the season, it may also decide to withdraw from the football played.

So many doubts – Ibrahimovic – is – law has on his head, so many doubts: what will be the plans of Milan for the future? What the managers and players will there be? Who will be there on the bench? The swede continues to reflect and hopes that in the coming weeks the future of the club, milan is less nebulous, but for the moment, his time appears to be very complicated.

Renewal difficult – With Boban that is gone already (feel, however, very often), now even Maldini could say goodbye, as well as Pegs: all three have rivoluto heavily to ac Milan in January, and if in the company of the box of the future there will be place even for them, then the renewal of Ibrahimovic appears really unlikely.