Milan-Juventus, the foul hand of Calabria on Cristiano Ronaldo: why is it a penalty

The decisive moment of the match Milan-Juventus arrived at the 90′ with the award of a penalty kick to Juve for handball, of Calabria, on the reverse of Cristiano Ronaldo. The referee Valeri, after not having granted the ultimate punishment, in direct contact, has been recalled from the VAR to an on-field review and returned on their steps changing decision. But because Valeri has granted the spot-kick to Juventus after the touch of the hand of Calabria?

Because Valeri has assigned the penalty to Juve for handball of Calabria

The answer is in the regulation, which, however interpreted. The rule of the phallus of the hand leaves ample space at the discretion of the race directors and terminology used is rather ambiguous in some passages, defining the cases and situations “usually” punishable.

It is usually an offence if a soccer player touches the ball with his hands / arms when they are positioned in an unnatural way, thus increasing the space occupied by the body.

In the same way, the regulation lists the cases on which “usually” you can fly.

With the exception of the above infringements, usually is not an infringement if the ball touches the hands / arms of a football player if it comes directly from the head or from the body (including the feet) of another player who is close or if the hands / arms are close to the body, and are not in an unnatural position to increase the space occupied by the body.

The regulation does not refer to the position of the player with respect to the opponent: the fact that Calabria was of the shoulders, therefore, does not help to heal the touch of the hand. The position of the arms of Calabria – all natural, considering that the player was in the fall – has contributed to an increase in the volume of the body and is probably the reason why Valeri has felt punished by her touch of hand.

The previous Cerri and the words of Rizzoli

To make it even more tangled the story, there is a precedent: the foul hand of Turkey in Cagliari-Bresciaduring the Serie A in the course. A situation taken as a model by Nicola Rizzoli, the designator of arbitration, in order to explain the line is to be taken in these cases: “This is not rigor”. Valeri, obviously, has recognized the differences in the dynamics of the action which saw players Cristiano Ronaldo and Calabria.