Milan lasts as long as Ibrahimovic, Count fore the Inter wins the derby in a 20-minute

The Milan lasts a time, when Ibrahimovic ceases to be the beacon and the center of gravity of the team delivery toInter. Would it takes twenty minutes to change the game in the second half with the guiding principles of the Count-thought: grit, run, and search spaces. Mark Brozovic, Vecino and De Vrij, three ways of understanding and interpreting his philosophy. Eriksen came on the comeback from 0-2 to 3-2 is already accomplished, guide the administration that becomes triumph with a 4-2 to the Baggies. On the wave of his 17th goal, the Inter controls the ball the ball the head of the standings.

Count without Eriksen, there is Ibrahimovic

The count relies on his men, and to her vision for the evolution is time. There is Godin in defence, with Skriniar to the left. There are Vecino and the Stretcher, but not Eriksen. Want an Inter narrow and long, vertical at the back of the midfield with Milan that the Pegs align with the 4-4-2 usual of the last period. The novelty is Rebic owner as the outer left of the midfield, supported by Theo Hernandez. From that part the Baggies play in support of the Challenge a little more free in the spaces on the first rollover forward. In most spreads Vecino, reasoning combined that acts as a wing-half right.

Milan, to protect the points potentially weak touch on the ball, strong part. The Inter, instead, will decrease, and expect, an approach that Conte does not like. The rossoneri have identified a possible track of the game, take advantage of the insertions of the Kessie behind the Stretcher because Brozovic shortens on Bennacer, but behind you and move Kessie and Calhanoglu who receive quite easily. The stake of the Turkish and 10′ turn on the game shows the goodness of the initial plane of the Rungs, which asks him to follow Brozovic in the first phase of the manoeuvre on his side.

La rete di passaggi nel primo tempo dell’Inter. Evidente la preoccupazione di proteggersi sulla fascia destra, ma saltano i collegamenti sul centro–sinistrain the picture: The network of passages in the first half of the Inter. An obvious concern to protect themselves on the right but jump the connections on the centre–left

The Milan occupies best the field in the first time

The game flowing fluid, the Inter, however, is only fleetingly, turned on by the blow to the head off of Godin from a corner. Milan deals with more ease in the field in width, with and without the ball. This allows the Milan to go to shield Brozovic and mezzali without going to press up against the defenders of Inter, who are struggling to jump to the first line of pressing, and to bring out the ball from the defense in just a few taps.

Le posizioni medie nei primi 30’. l’Inter (azzurro nel grafico) può sfruttare il jolly Sanchez. Il Milan porta tanti uomini nella zona di centro–sinistra liberando a destra Calhanogluin the picture: The average positions in the first 30’. Inter (blue in the chart) can take advantage of the wild Sanchez. The Milan brings many men in the area of the center–left, freeing the right Calhanoglu

In the central part of the first half, the pace drops. Do not change the overall scenario of the game. the Milan brings many men above the halfway line, and in fact lowers the Inter that scramble in an attempt to go back quickly to the field.

Rebic and Ibrahimovic, one-two is not by ko

Ibrahimovic talks in a profitable manner with Calhanoglu, even if the trio of defensive Inter collects to protection of the area, it tightens to create a screen in an area not easy to get around in tight spaces. The turk misses the first choice of 39′, throwing away a possible counterattack. But it is the prelude to the advantage. Assist of Ibrahimovic, who jumps on Godin and puts it on the second post, Rebic crosses on the right side of the area and touches it into the goal with the collaboration of the exit time out of the Net.

The position of the former Eintracht frankfurt, left wing with the right to cut inside from the left, or to exchange the position with Calhanoglu, increases the unpredictability in the offensive half from a corner and doubles. Mark the centre, receives the touch of Kessie from a corner. Godin keeps him in the game, Skriniar late to exit from the blocks, Ibra is back to score in a derby, after almost eight years.

Il primo tempo di Ibrahimovic nel derbyin the picture: The first time Ibrahimovic in the derby

It is the first option for the Milan attack, a security guarantee that reassures teammates and motivates them: in the first 45′ wins 3 duels planes in the attack zone, it is not a case. Milan, more aggressive as evidenced by the 4 recovered balls in the first time interval has completed 84 passes to 18 in the box, the opposing. The Inter, instead, closes the first time with just a step in the area of Milan.

La rete di passaggi nel primo tempo dell’Inter. Evidente la preoccupazione di proteggersi sulla fascia destra, ma saltano i collegamenti sul centro–sinistrain the picture: The network of passages in the first half of the Inter. An obvious concern to protect themselves on the right but jump the connections on the centre–leftMolto più simmetrica, avvolgente la costruzione del Milan nel primo tempoin the picture: a Lot more symmetric, enveloping the construction of the Milan in the first time

The second time, the Inter makes it two in eight minutes

The game, however, in the second half changes completely in a matter of 8 minutes. Brozovic, great shot on the fly as a ball, “dirty”, trim. Next to draw, but the main merit is Sanchez that burns all in the straits on a the filtration area, the Milan defence a little bit stops thinking about the offside that from the tv, there seems to be but the lines drawn to the VAR belie. The chilean anticipates Donnarumma, turns around and leans back for Vecino, for the first time in the game relies on the importance of a wing-half possession for scompaginare two lines to four.

It is an Inter different, more compact in the two phases. Sanchez is generous, fold even from full-in order to break the combinations Accounts-Castillejo, the Baggies will back down and swap it with Next to guide the transitions in vertical open field.

De Vrij’s signature victory, Eriksen enters to manage

Milan shuts down, along with Ibrahimovic. You off because you off Ibrahimovic, so if you think you are. Inter earns meters and securities, an occupation of the field more in line with the vision of the Count, and his game plan. Become a swa team who takes , who wins the duels near the area, raise Brozovic and feeding of the racing box to box Stretcher. The rest is done by De Vrij which in twist is screwed from a corner kick, and in 18 Inter turns of the derby: from 0-2 to 3-2.

At this point, the Count lowers the gears for not having to go to 200 per hour. In Eriksen, that goes to the top playmaker and the authorising officer of the game behind the Baggies, out of Sanchez. The technician salentino switch to a 3-5-1-1 that looks like a 5-3-2, is back to defend the bottom with the bands a bit more covered and the favor of the score to justify the new arrangements. Because Milan is discovered and will be misaligned, and the overturning of the game of the nerazzurri meet wide green spaces where the Stretcher and Eriksen can get in a position to receive. The Danish has a crossbar from a free-kick from thirty metres. Pegs choose Paquetà for Kessie, switch to 4-3-3 with Ibrahimovic tip centralee a midfield to the whole quality with Bennacer low, the brazilian and Calhanoglu as mezzali.

The Inter alters the geometry of the”doble seconds later”, the square, the two manufacturers of the game, Brozovic and Eriksen, on two different lines. At the end of the match, the nerazzurri complete over 100 steps in less, and 311 against 423, create an opportunity, and they win in spite of a presence that is quantitatively lower in the trocar offensive. Are all the rossoneri the five-record for passes in the last 30 metres (Hernandez, who is the only one with more than 20 supports completed). The Inter stands for the 34 combinations to the left between Skriniar and Young, and to the goals of the Baggies that is the immediate contrast to the pole close to Ibrahimovic.

Milan need the Swedish, the Inter of the entire team. And today the team has won.