Milan, Pegs on the market: “The company is already at work, we expect the grafts of talent”

To the microphones of Stefano Pioli, Milan coach, speaks on the eve of the match against the Cagliari. The technician briefly discuss the expectations for the match against the sardinians, but projects quickly, even on what will happen next year: “it Is a vigil of particular, we know we will not be able to change the sixth place in the standings, but we know you can do even more points by putting the best training with Cagliari. Then there will be a break in the lines is absolutely necessary, but it will be one disconnect so fast that we will not forget what has been done in these last few months. It was a shame not to be able to share with the supporters the latest hits, against the big teams we were not able to give what they had to and they have always been close. I am convinced that we shall take the satisfaction in the next season and also we will give to the fans. The training? Don’t know yet, it is important to the workouts of today, I have to sincerarmi that the condition of the players that can’t afford to make certain choices.”

A profile of the Tonal, it might be interesting for you, or are experienced players?
“I think that at Milan the talented players always serve you, young or not is not very relevant. We are going to do some grafting that can improve our organic, I don’t think that the team needs a lot of purchases, I know that the company is already working and that the property you want to invest. We expect to be even more competitive from the 24th of August”.