Modenan dj died in france, investigates for murder – Emilia-Romagna

Yellow in france on the death of an Italian dj, native to modena, died last Tuesday with a knifed side that would be fatal. To lose life, in the small town of saint michel de castelnau, davide masitti, 49 years old, in art ‘from frikkyo,’ internationally known as veteran of electronic music. The French authorities opened an investigation for voluntary murder and the 38-year-old woman from Trieste would be in judicial custody.

The tragedy took place in the south-west of the france, in the department of the roundabout. In the country of just 245 people, davide had moved two years ago with his partner and two children to pursue his musical dream. According to the pollutants he would have hit the 49-year-old with a fendent, but without the intention of killing him.

Shocked to concord, in the lower Modena, the relatives of the DJ, who learned of his death after receiving messages of condolences from some friends. “on the hypothesis that the partner may be responsible, somehow, I exclude it categorically,” commented the brother of davide living in the province of modena.